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With the pace of business accelerating, firms in competitive markets need a fast way to obtain actionable insights from their data stores and distribute those insights across the organization. Insight-driven businesses use modern BI reporting and analytics tools to do just this. Today’s newest generation of data analytics tools provides companies with an easy, efficient way to empower users across the enterprise with business intelligence in the form of dashboard reports, interactive visualizations, embedded analytics, and more. Offering intuitive, self-service data discovery, ad hoc reporting, and analytics—visual and conversational—capabilities, cutting-edge BI solutions can be used to distribute the power of analytics to each and every user.

How BI reporting and analytics tools empower business users

BI reporting and analytics tools allow users to easily and quickly gather, combine, and process diverse data from multiple data sources, extract business-critical insights from datasets, and distribute the information obtained to other organizational stakeholders in a readily consumable format. Some of the reporting and analytics capabilities provided by the leading platforms include:

  • Retrospective reporting and analytics including executive reporting
  • Exploratory analytics including data discovery and data mining
  • Big data analysis and predictive analytics

These capabilities are used to transform raw data into actionable intelligence—insights that help end users:

  • Better understand how different areas of a business are performing
  • Answer critical business questions and inspire innovation
  • Identify inefficiencies and inform management, strategy, and planning efforts
  • Support data-informed decision-making across the enterprise

Benefits of using self-service BI reporting and analytics tools

Modern self-service BI solutions put some or all the reporting and analytics capabilities mentioned above in the hands of business users. Information from across data sources is gathered into a single, easy-to-use platform, allowing all users to access and work with data from a centralized solution. Data collection and analysis are streamlined and automated while reporting can be carried out faster, more accurately, and using a variety of different formats.

Advanced reporting and analytics tools allow for ad hoc investigations using rich, interactive visualizations. Business users can load and interact with diverse types of data, build and share visualizations, and create and publish impactful dashboards and reports using drag-and-drop functionality—all without the help of IT or data specialists. Users across the enterprise, from your frontline staff to C-suite executives, can explore and share the data they need to make smarter decisions.

Cutting-edge BI reporting and analytics tools:

The latest generation of BI solutions puts advanced data analytics* capabilities in even more hands by leveraging AI. AI-powered BI reporting and analytics tools use machine learning and natural language processing to enable users of all skill levels to make discoveries in data. Enhancing and automating data preparation, model development, and insight discovery, these solutions allow business users to interact with data in new and more powerful ways. Guided by suggested insights and through visual analytics, users can think deeply about and find meaningful connections fast in vast amounts of multi-sourced data. Using conversational analytics, they can even ask questions and deliver voice commands directly to the BI system via a chatbot or digital personal assistant.

*What is data analytics? Data analytics refers to the use of tools and processes to combine and examine datasets to identify patterns and develop actionable insights. The goal of data analytics is to answer specific questions, discover new insights, and help organizations make better, data-driven decisions.

Data discovery, visualization, reporting, and analytics made easy: Qlik Sense®

Qlik Sense is an AI-fueled BI reporting and analytics platform from the pioneer in user-driven business intelligence. Qlik Sense is an intuitive toolset that not only empowers users to generate and publish their own visually stunning dashboards and reports but places the power of interactive analytics at their fingertips.

Built on a unique Associative Engine that indexes and understands all relationships in your data and a scalable multi-cloud architecture, Qlik Sense lets business users explore data freely—without the limitations of query-based tools or your existing infrastructure. And now with a new Cognitive Engine in the mix, each user can get context-aware insight suggestions and automation aligned with their particular exploratory process and intuition. Other value-added capabilities include:

  • Qlik Insight Bot® for AI-powered conversational analytics
  • Qlik Big Data Index®, a next-generation data indexing engine for big data
  • Qlik NPrinting® for enterprise-class reporting and distribution


How can a BI solution help you with reporting analytics?

A self-service BI tool can help you gather and compile data from multiple sources, process and extract actionable insights from that data, and create reports and dashboards to distribute those insights across an organization. BI tools can simplify, accelerate, and automate reporting and analytics processes, making it easy for non-technical users to manipulate and make discoveries in data and share their findings with others in a variety of formats.

What is reporting in BI?

It refers to the process of collecting and analyzing data from various sources and presenting the results of data analysis graphically and in an easily consumable format. It is used to distribute insights across an organization, thereby supporting data-driven decision-making and strategic planning.

How do BI and analytics work together and how are they different?

Modern BI tools leverage in-depth analytics capabilities to process data faster and extract relevant insights from data. Analytics enable users to identify important trends, patterns, and relationships in their data and gather the intelligence they need to better understand their business, optimize processes, make smarter decisions, and drive transformation.

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