Google Cloud Database

Introduction to Google Cloud Database

Working with a Google Cloud database like Google Cloud SQL can provide enterprises with significant benefits, particularly when it comes to Big Data usage. This fully-managed database service simplifies the process of configuring, maintaining, managing and monitoring a relational MySQL or PostgresSQL database in the cloud.

But moving data to a Google Cloud database quickly and easily can be a challenge. The time and staff required to manage migration can be a drain on IT departments. A long migration process can adversely impact the business continuity, hindering productivity and frustrating users. And ensuring the security and validity of data in transit is no easy feat.

Moving to a Google Cloud database with Qlik (Attunity)

Qlik (Attunity) and Google have collaborated to provide a solution that simplifies and accelerates Big Data loading from on-premises data centers to a Google Cloud database.

Qlik (Attunity) provides a fully-featured replication software solution that provides high-performance cloud database replication and high speed data transfer to migrate information from a broad variety of on-premise databases, including Oracle, SQL, DB2, MySQL, Sybase and PostgreSQL. With Qlik (Attunity), IT teams can streamline the migration and incremental loading of data to a Google Cloud database. Qlik (Attunity) can also help accelerate replication, ingest and streaming across a wide range of data warehouses and Big Data platforms too.

When moving to a Google Cloud database, Qlik (Attunity) enables organizations to:

  • Flexibly manage migration and cloud replication with real-time, scheduled or on-demand task execution.

  • Maintain data protection with automatic recovery, security, auditing and reporting.

  • Accelerate migration with high-performance data transfer.

  • Minimize system impact with a solution that requires no installation of software on sources or targets.

  • Set up and configure migration tasks and replication in database systems easily with an intuitive GUI.

  • Simplify migration with schema and DDL replication, flexible target database schema mapping and transformations, and content-based filtering.

Streaming Change Data Capture

Learn how to modernize your data and analytics environment with scalable, efficient and real-time data replication that does not impact production systems.

Benefits of managing a Google Cloud database migration with Qlik (Attunity)

To help organizations overcome the hurdle of moving data to a Google Cloud database, Qlik (Attunity) provides broad platform support, high-performance and easy-to-use data loading capabilities that enable real-time data movement for improved insights.

Benefits of moving to a Google Cloud database with Qlik (Attunity) include:

  • Continuous database to Google Cloud SQL.

  • Intuitive administration and scheduling.

  • Fast transfer speeds with guaranteed delivery.

  • Data integrity assurance delivered by check mechanisms.

  • Industry-standard SSL encryption for greater security.

  • Constant monitoring for greater control, improved auditing and peace-of-mind.

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