Cloud Data Replication

Intro to Cloud Data Replication

Cloud data replication can serve many purposes, including application migration and data warehousing and analytics. By copying on-premises data to the cloud, businesses can leverage cloud economies of scale for these and other use cases.

To get these types of cloud initiatives off the ground, organizations must first determine how they can best execute cloud data replication, both at the project outset and as an ongoing process. In particular to maximize the return on cloud data initiatives, businesses must find a cloud data replication solution that's easy to implement, cost-effective and reliable, and that minimizes the latency of replicating data from on-premises source systems to cloud-based destination systems.

Qlik Replicate®: The Proven Cloud Data Replication Solution

Qlik is a leading provider of modern solutions for enterprise data integration and big data management. More than 2000 businesses worldwide, including many Fortune 500 brands, manage their on-premises and cloud data integration programs with Qlik technologies.

Qlik Replicate is your best choice for cloud data replication. Qlik Replicate is:

  • Easy to use. With Qlik you can configure and execute cloud data replication jobs and processes through an intuitive GUI, with no need for manual coding.

  • A universal, any-to-any replication solution. Qlik Replicate supports cloud data replication from nearly any type of source system – relational database, file system, mainframe, SAP application, data warehouse, or Hadoop data lake – to any of the major cloud platforms such as Amazon, Azure, and Google. For example, Qlik Replicate supports Amazon RDS replication or – in combination with Qlik Compose® or a third party ETL solution – cloud ETL initiatives such as Amazon Redshift ETL or ETL for Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

  • A performance leader. Qlik WAN data transfer optimizations make for industry-leading cloud data replication performance between your source and destination systems.

  • Secure and reliable. Qlik protects your valuable data in flight with AES 256 encryption and integrity check mechanisms.

  • Transparent. Through the Qlik console you can monitor the progress and performance of in-progress cloud data replication tasks as part of comprehensive, enterprise-wise replication monitoring and control.

Qlik for Real-Time Cloud Data Replication

Organizations implementing cloud data replication for use cases such as backup and cloud analytics typically must perform an initial bulk data migration and then apply an ongoing process to keep their replicated data in the cloud current with their on-premises data. Qlik Replicate supports both of these cloud data replication phases, with its capabilities for high-performance bulk cloud data migration and for real-time change data capture (CDC).

Qlik leverages a zero-footprint, log-based CDC technology that replicates data changes from a source system to a destination system, with minimal performance impact on the source system. With its high-performance real-time CDC capabilities, Qlik can provide analysts and decision makers with up-to-the moment cloud-based replicas of on-premises production data.

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