The Customer Knows - Qlik’s Leadership Highlighted in BARC BI & Analytics Survey 22

Real-World Users Rank Qlik Sense Number #1 in 6 Categories in This Year’s Annual Survey

It’s great when analysts, media members and industry thought leaders tout your company’s leadership; it’s a point of pride for all of us behind the scenes working to continually improve Qlik Sense’s position as a leading and world-class analytics platform. However, the biggest praise (for me) comes from customers/users – the people Qlik Sense helps – whose recognition assure me we’ve really delivered.

That’s why I’m thrilled about this year’s BARC and BI survey results. In the recently published BI and Analytics Survey 22, Qlik Sense earned 6 number one rankings and 45 leadership positions in six peer groups in the annual survey of over 2,500 BI and analytics practitioners.

To give you some context, BARC’s annual survey has been around for approximately two decades and is based on findings from the world’s largest and most comprehensive business intelligence end users, analytics professionals, as well as IT stakeholders. There’s no bias, no influence, no sway, no spin – it’s an independent survey examining customer feedback across 36 criteria (KPIs). Those KPIs cover business benefits, project success, customer satisfaction/experience, innovation, as well as capabilities and more.

This year’s survey shows us on top or leading across several of those KPIs, underscoring our customers’ sustained enthusiasm for Qlik Sense.

Now, some highlights from our Qlik Sense BARC results:

  • Ranked, once again, 1st in Business Value in the International BI Giants peer group; Business Value is considered by BARC as “possibly the most important KPI of all.”
  • Ranked 1st for Project Length in two peer groups and was rated a leader in all 4 other peer groups. BARC notes that rapid implementation of projects is a key measure of project success and that rapid rollout delivers the most business benefits.
  • Ranked 1st again for Analysis in three peer groups. Qlik Sense’s functionality for performing analyses received a rating of excellent or good from more than 85% of respondents – that’s better than the industry average for a BI tool at 75%!
  • Holding a Leading Position for Query Performance across 5 peer groups. Nearly 50% of respondents chose Qlik Sense because of fast query performance, well over the 27% for the average BI tool.

And these results are backed up by resounding praise from our customers in key BI and analytics positions:

  • “Best BI platform on the market, flexible, powerful and user friendly.”– Head of BI and Analytics Competence Center for 100-2,500 employee consumer products company.
  • “It can be used for every BI task we can think of, especially with its extensions, API and web hook capabilities. But most of all I like how much the end users like it. They find it intuitive and powerful.” – Project Manager for departmental BI/analytics at 100-2500 employee retail/wholesale trade organization.
  • “Very intuitive for the end user. All in one tool/working environment for data preparation, creating visualizations and interacting with them. Prototype applications can be built with astonishing speed.” – Project Manager for BI/Analytics from IT department of 100-2,500 manufacturing organization.

I couldn’t be prouder hearing such acclaim and appreciation for Qlik Sense, and I’m more than confident we’ll continue delivering for our customers.

Read the full BARC BI and Analytics Survey 22 here; learn more about Qlik Sense and/or experience the power it brings for yourself by clicking here.

The customer speaks - @Qlik Sense earns raves from key #BI and analytics professionals in the latest BARC BI & #Analytics Survey


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