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Qlik Delivers Direct Query for Snowflake

By Rocco Pecora, Technical Product Manager at Qlik, David Freriks, Emerging Technology Evangelist at Qlik, and Keith Smith, Sr. Partner Sales Engineer at Snowflake


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**Qlik enhances analytics exploration in Snowflake with Direct Query, a new capability that allows Qlik Sense applications and dashboards to query Snowflake directly using SQL pushdown.**

With the dust still settling from QlikWorld and a Snowflake Summit currently going on, this blog aims to help users of Qlik and Snowflake understand some of the recent enhancements and navigation on where to learn more.

Qlik has recently announced Direct Query, a new capability that allows users to create analytics apps that generate SQL queries directly against Snowflake as the user “pushes down” or interacts with data through visualizations and dynamic filtering. From big data to near real time use cases, Direct Query empowers users of any level to easily explore and analyze the most recent data, increasing the speed to insight and decision-making.

Direct Query complements Qlik’s already best-in-class analytics engine and strengthens the overall range of consumption techniques customers can leverage when analyzing data from Snowflake. To learn more about best practices around Qlik Sense’s flexible options when consuming data from Snowflake, click here.

Qlik makes it easy to manage your enterprise Snowflake environment with the Snowflake Usage Dashboard, a prebuilt Qlik Sense application offering an out-of-the-box dashboard with insights on usage, query performance, security, auditing, and more! This app provides CDOs and data leaders with a management tool to better understand their Snowflake usage and optimize Snowflake workloads -streamlined entirely within their own Qlik Sense environment. In addition to the usage dashboard, Qlik was one of only a few BI partners to be highlighted in a Snowflake Visual Table Clustering Explorer blog to help customers more easily understand and visualize Snowflake table clustering, with the Qlik solution also freely available.

Direct Query amplifies the interconnectedness between Qlik and Snowflake, expanding the range of solutions possible of being imagined and delivered. Qlik has also launched integration enhancements for data movement around Snowflake with Qlik Cloud Data Services, including:

  • Real-time change data capture and movement to Snowflake including all major databases, SAP, mainframe and SaaS applications

  • Data warehouse automation for model-driven code generation, expediting value realization and the full potential of Snowflake

  • Reverse ETL to replicate enriched data from Snowflake back to the operational systems of record

Qlik’s gold-standard data integration and market leading analytics platform coupled with Snowflake’s Data Cloud sounds like a match made in data heaven. Together they optimize an organization’s investment into data, but in unison, they can have a multiplier effect on not only data and analytics, but also the people and contributors behind the solutions.

To see the power of Qlik and Snowflake together, visit booth #717 at this week’s Snowflake Summit. For more information about how Qlik works with Snowflake, visit here.

Direct Query amplifies the interconnectedness between Qlik and @SnowflakeDB, empowers users of any level to easily explore and analyze the most recent data, increasing the speed to insight and decision-making

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