Google Cloud and SAP Enter Partnership to Broaden Partner Ecosystem, Including Qlik

Qlik’s Data Integration Solution Helps Google Cloud Customers Better Leverage SAP Data

A renewed collaboration between Google Cloud and SAP is ushering in an era that not only opens exciting market opportunities for SAP, which will be able to provide greater capabilities and flexibility to its customers, but also broadens opportunities for Google Cloud – and its partners, including Qlik.

This strategic partnership provides organizations using SAP with greater choice to execute business transformations, helping them augment their operations with capabilities, such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and analytics. It will also provide support for RISE with SAP, a bundling of existing SAP assets that focuses on providing customers with business-transformation-as-a-service.

As part of this partnership, Google Cloud will be working with Qlik – a preferred enterprise data integration partner – to better help customers further understand how to best leverage their SAP data for analytics initiatives. Qlik’s already strong relationship with Google just went deeper, further demonstrating our mutual confidence that we can continue to deliver customers vital SAP data to Google Cloud via automated, near real-time data pipelines generated by our data integration solution.

How large is this SAP customer base and how extensively is SAP used? Consider these statistics: SAP’s enterprise resource planning applications touch 77% of global transaction revenue1. Ninety-two percent of Fortune Global 2000 companies are SAP customers2.

Qlik’s data integration solution will enable Google Cloud to provide optimized data and analytical services to those customers. Our solution simplifies the traditional manual, SAP integration process, which generally involves strict batch data schedules, and which is time-consuming, tedious and unaccommodating to business needs. Qlik Data Integration now streamlines this process through real-time data replication between SAP and BigQuery – Google’s cloud data warehouse. Additionally, our solution also decodes SAP’s complex, application-specific data structures into formats that flow smoothly into BigQuery, ensuring that users who are tasked with data analytics are using the most current and relevant data.

Qlik has previously worked with Google to automate and modernize the data integration and analytics infrastructure of customers from various industries, including luxury department store chains and broadline food distribution companies. Together, we’ve helped organizations fully leverage the benefits of the cloud by optimizing their analytics and reporting processes, thereby reducing their time-to-insight, streamlining digital operations and helping them meet the ever-changing needs of the market and their customers.

If you’d like to find out more about our work with Google Cloud and SAP data environments, check out our recent customer webinar, titled “Gordon Food Service Delivers Fresh Data To the Cloud.” The webinar explains how Qlik helped Gordon Food Service (GFS) accelerate the delivery of SAP data to Google Cloud and how GFS subsequently used the data for digital transformation. For more details on today’s Google Cloud announcement, read the company's press release by clicking here.


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@googlecloud will be working w/ @Qlik to help customers further understand how to best leverage their @SAP #data for #analytics initiatives

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