Engineering Industry Embracing Qlik’s SaaS Analytics to Address Environmental and Sustainability Concerns

Leaders like AECOM and Waste Connections, Inc. Are Deploying Qlik Through FirmoGraphs to Understand the Data Behind Demand and Output to Serve Customers and the Planet

Working in the engineering field means navigating a variety of needs. Those range from meeting various local and national regulatory statutes, to measuring and monitoring delivery of essential outputs like drinking water and power supply, to understanding the data surrounding regional operations on both the supply and demand side. Organizations that serve this market operate behind the scenes, yet impact our daily life in the United States. Assisting these important stakeholders effectively – especially in a world being shaped by environmental and sustainability shifts – requires access to and analysis of vast amounts of real-world and real-time data.

That’s where organizations like FirmoGraphs come to the fore. As a business intelligence and data science firm specializing in the North American Utility and Industrial markets, FirmoGraphs helps its customers go-to-market more efficiently by applying BI and analytics, with a focus on analysis related to the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) of people, planet and profit. Given the wide variety of organizations and industries the company serves (coal ash, drinking water, power generation and supply, solid and hazardous waste and wastewater), FirmoGraphs needed a flexible and modern analytics frontend to the various data marts they provide. They chose to partner with Qlik in delivering their vital data resources through Qlik Sense SaaS, based on its flexibility, scalability and expertise in blending various data sources from any environment.

“Our customers need to understand their markets both at a national and hyper local level. Sifting through external data sets that include information on billions of cubic yards of coal ash or 50,000 public drinking water systems is impossible on their own,” said David Cox, Founder of FirmoGraphs. “Levering Qlik Sense SaaS to deliver insights based on our solutions, such as AshMart and WaterMart, helps our customers be better prepared to both serve their customers today, and plan effectively for go-to-market strategies that deliver value and customer satisfaction.”

In addition to enabling modern analytics at scale, Qlik Sense SaaS brings additional benefits to partners like FirmoGraphs. Qlik Sense SaaS eliminates the burden of analytics software maintenance for FirmoGraphs, and guarantees delivery of the latest innovations from Qlik in one package that can seamlessly be updated across their entire customer base.

One example of the scale of the solution is deployed at AECOM. A Fortune 1000 organization, AECOM is a premier infrastructure firm that is leveraging FirmoGraphs AshMart to better understand the management and impact of helping their customers navigate the US coal ash market, which measures in over two billion cubic yards of coal ash per year. By leveraging FirmoGraphs through Qlik Sense SaaS, AECOM can better evaluate current client outputs and plan for how, for example, they may be impacted by new coal ash regulations.

“We need to leverage significant amounts of timely and accurate data, both nationally and down to the site level, when planning strategically with our clients to ensure both profitable delivery, and managing their risk profile and regulatory compliance,” said Mark Rokoff, Senior Vice President, Environment Market Sector Director, Energy at AECOM. “The combination of FirmoGraphs and Qlik enables us to scale the insights we need to the right people at the right time to effectively impact current operations and growth planning.”

AECOM’s vision is to further deploy Qlik Sense to help blend their internal data with FirmoGraphs intelligence to map regulatory paths. This would enable the firm to understand how customers are performing related to various renewable portfolio standards across different states where they operate, and strategically plan for any needed changes based on both current output and potential future operations.

Another organization benefiting from the combination of FirmoGraphs and Qlik Sense includes Waste Connections, Inc. Waste Connections is an integrated solid waste services company that provides waste collection, transfer, disposal and recycling services. The company is also a leading provider of non-hazardous oilfield waste treatment, recovery and disposal services in several of the most active natural resource producing areas in the United States. Using Qlik Sense as a delivery mechanism, FirmoGraphs provides deep, current information that Waste Connections uses in its go-to-market strategies to serve U.S. industrial customers.

“The dashboards are immediately responsive, allowing us to ask questions from any direction resulting from collaborative analysis and guidance from the FirmoGraphs team,” said Joe Laubenstein, Director of CCR Management, Waste Connections. “Specifically, for the CCR Industry, which I have been a part of since 2015, FirmoGraphs has opened up many new opportunities and has enhanced my marketing campaigns with business intelligence strategies.”

“Data is driving almost every decision that impacts and shapes our daily lives, in many instances in ways we don’t usually think about. That is especially true in the civil engineering and infrastructure world, the literal foundation of how we experience vital resources like power and water,” said David Cox, Founder, FirmoGraphs. Being able to bring timely data to life at scale through Qlik Sense SaaS is helping FirmoGraphs have a much bigger impact on our customer’s ability to positively affect millions of lives while also being better stewards for our environment.”

@Qlik works together w/ @FirmoGraphs to help the company navigate its clients' civil engineering demands using #BI & #analytics to serve #sustainability

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