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A favorite moment of mine is when I get to share Qlik’s vision for Active Intelligence with a customer for the first time. It usually goes like this: genuine excitement about the possibility – taking informed action in the moment from real-time data…invariably followed by many questions – where do I begin? What do I need? What about the tech stack I have already acquired? My answer is simply this: Qlik Cloud will offer all the data integration and analytics services you need, while providing you with the flexibility to work with your current stack, with cloud-agnostic and hybrid deployment options.

This past quarter, we delivered an important new Qlik Cloud capability designed to deliver the last mile for Active Intelligence – driving insights to action – called Application Automation. Application Automation helps you easily create workflows that streamline and optimize your data and analytics processes. Its visual approach lets you quickly assemble automated flows that span market-leading SaaS applications to trigger alerts and invoke downstream processes that react to changes in your business.

Data Lineage is an important capability for Active Intelligence as it increases data visibility as well as user confidence in utilizing the data. Over the summer, we announced the acquisition of NodeGraph, a fully customizable metadata management solution that comprises interactive data lineage at the field level and we’re now beginning to roll out lineage-related capabilities. Our new Impact Analysis capability helps users easily understand the origin and uses of each dataset within their SaaS Data Catalog. Look for more lineage-related capabilities in the future.

I am also super excited about yesterday’s announcement of the acquisition of Big Squid which is further evidence of how Qlik has built an end-to-end analytics data pipeline where AutoML will play an increasingly important role as we expand the power of machine learning to all analytics users. Alongside our existing investments on advanced analytics integration and Insight Advisor this will help automatically create models that predict outcomes and inform actions through key driver analysis, predictive analytics and what-if scenario planning.

A key ingredient enabling Active Intelligence is real-time information – increasing trust in insights and actions by providing continuous access to the most up-to-date, accurate information for analysis. This past quarter we made enhancements to our new Hybrid Data Delivery service, which continuously streams on-premise and cloud data to your Qlik Sense SaaS apps. Events can now be monitored from the management console, and users can now connect to customer-managed storage. In addition, we continued to enhance our reporting capabilities, expand mobile functionality and improve Insight Advisor and visualization capabilities in Qlik Sense. Join Qlik Insider for a quarterly update on all our innovations and see a detailed list here.

As we head into the last quarter of the year, we are gearing up for more innovations that I am truly excited about. Here’s a sneak peek of what you can look forward to:

  • Qlik Forts – a new hybrid cloud service that will change the game for organizations that can’t move all of their data to Qlik Cloud. Qlik Forts will securely extend Qlik Sense SaaS capabilities into your data, regardless of location – virtual private cloud, public cloud or on-prem. It will enable businesses to benefit from the convenience of SaaS as well as the flexibility of a hybrid deployment that supports data regulatory requirements and investments in existing data infrastructure.
  • Catalog Analytic Score/KPI – a capability that will help you quickly understand key characteristics of every accessible data set within your catalog with visual, configurable KPIs that portray the usage, user approval and completeness of each data set.
  • Reporting Service – a new way to distribute report outputs from Qlik Sense apps to a variety of channels via business process automation.
With that, I invite you to join me for our Data Activation Summit on October 19th – a free virtual event where I will share the latest on our vision of Active Intelligence, and get a first-hand account from Royal Mail Group about their own journey. And as always, to stay in the know, be sure to bookmark to access all of our product innovation and direction resources.
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