Qlik AI/ML

Maximize the Value of Your Enterprise Data with AI

Everyone in your organization can take advantage of predictive and generative AI. It’s seamless, self service, and contextual.

Get AI-powered models and insight out of the back room and into the hands of business users.

Predictive AI for All

Make machine learning accessible to analytics teams through a simple, no-code experience.

Data Science Integration

Deliver calculations from data science models directly to business users, with associative exploration and real-time what-if analysis.

Generative AI Integration

Embed real-time generative AI content within apps for broader insight, context, and capabilities.


Make data science and generative AI easy to use.

AI & Machine Learning - Real-time Data Exploration

Get more from your data, more easily.

  • Get a visual representation of your dataset in charts, graphs, maps or other visual formats

  • Leverage the innate human ability to recognize patterns in data that may not be captured by analytics tools

  • Make better decisions on data cleansing, defining metadata, and choosing where to focus further analysis

AI & Machine Learning - Automate Data Exploration

Integrate disparate data sources and perform advanced analytics.

  • Monitor data sources

  • Collaborate with others

  • Share findings in interactive data dashboards

AI & Machine Learning - Enable Machine Learning

Find patterns and make predictions on future data.

  • Collaborate with other users

  • Integrate your predictive analytics in Qlik Cloud Analytics apps

  • Do in-depth analyses of the key features that influence the predicted outcome

AI that is ready to use on day one.

Automate and simplify predictive analytics.

Identify key drivers in your historical data and use the best algorithms to generate machine learning models. Simply select a target field in your dataset and let Qlik AutoML do the work:

  • Auto-generate predictive models with unlimited tuning and refinement

  • Select and deploy the best-performing models based on scoring and ranking

  • Make predictions with full explainability so you can understand what might happen and why

AI & Machine Learning - Automate and simplify predictive analytics

Give decision makers the power of machine learning.

Explore advanced and predictive calculations from data science models directly within Qlik. Real-time integration lets you refine context and evaluate results interactively and visually, supporting unanticipated questions and what-if analysis.

AI & Machine Learning - Give decision makers the power of machine learning.

Use real-time generative AI content in analytics and automations.

Broaden insight and context by embedding generative AI content directly into your business apps and automations. Take advantage of new capabilities and content driven by OpenAI and Amazon Bedrock models — with real-time updates as you click. And include this same functionality in automations with generative AI connector blocks.

AI & Machine Learning - Use real-time generative AI content in analytics and automations.

Explore using associative analysis, in real time.

The Qlik Associative Engine and third-party models work together to deliver interactive exploration and what-if analyses directly to business decision makers. You get instant calculations and AI-generated content as you click, based on the data associated with your selections.

AI & Machine Learning - Explore using associative analysis, in real time.

AI and machine learning connectors

Easily connect with top AI and machine learning tools like Open AI, Amazon Bedrock, Azure ML, or Databricks ML.

By building AI into everything they deliver, while still maintaining a cloud agnostic approach, Qlik is meeting customers where they are in their AI journey while providing the flexibility needed to expand AI where and how it makes sense.

Dan Vesset
Group Vice President, Analytics and Information Management Market Research & Advisory Practice
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