Enterprise Data Warehousing

Introduction to Enterprise Data Warehousing

Data warehousing involves creating a centralized repository of operational data to meet an organization's reporting and analytics needs. Designing, building, and operating an data warehouse for a large enterprise is beset by two major operational challenges. The first challenge to enterprise data warehousing is a rapidly changing and competitive business environment that places ever greater emphasis on agility and speed. The second enterprise data warehousing challenge is growing data volumes that strain the limits of data warehouse manageability and cost management. Many businesses are finding that they can confidently meet both these challenges with technologies from Qlik, the leading maker of enterprise data integration and management software.

Qlik Compose®: Meeting the Demand for Agility in Enterprise Data Warehousing

Qlik Compose is an enterprise data warehouse automation solution that helps data warehouse architects and operators meet today's "need for speed" in two different ways.

First, by automating the major technical processes of enterprise data warehousing, Qlik Compose sharply reduces dependence on manual programming and thereby boosts the speed to deploy and ability to rapidly change the data warehouse structure for new business requirements. Using the Qlik Compose graphical user interface, data architects and data warehouse administrators are empowered to design and create data warehouse and data mart structures and auto-generate ETL commands—without needing to do any manual coding. And with integrated data ingestion technology in Qlik Replicate®, those same architects and administrators can configure and execute data replication flows from heterogeneous source systems into the data warehouse landing area, again without any manual coding or deep technical knowledge of the source or target interfaces. Together, Qlik Compose and Qlik Replicate work with a wide range of source systems (including relational databases, mainframes, and SAP applications) and with major on-premises and cloud-based enterprise data warehousing platforms (including native support for Amazon Redshift ETL).

Along with enabling an unprecedented degree of self-service by data architects and administrators, Qlik Compose also supports today's need for speed and agility by making it simple to maintain and operate a real-time data warehouse that continuously supplies business intelligence applications with fresh data. Qlik innovative log-based change data capture (CDC) technology feeds up-to-the-moment operational data into your warehouse without diminishing the performance of the source systems.

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