Data Warehouse Automation

Accelerate and simplify the data warehouse lifecycle for faster time to insights.

The Qlik Data Integration Platform automates the entire data warehouse lifecycle to accelerate the availability of analytics-ready data. Data engineers have the agility to create a data model, add new sources, and provision new data marts. Data warehouse automation (DWA) ensures success at every step of the pipeline from data modeling and real-time ingestion to data marts and governance.
Data Warehouse Automation

Delivering the Agile Data Warehouse

Rapid design, deployment, and management without coding

Real-time data ingestion and update

Change data capture provides a real-time backbone to accelerate data movement to your warehouse from the widest variety of heterogeneous databases, data lakes, and enterprise sources like mainframe and SAP. Take advantage of:

  • Change data capture streams
  • Universal sources, targets and platforms
  • Enterprise-wide monitoring and control

Automated and continuous refinement

Qlik provides a modern approach to optimizing data warehouse creation and operation. We automate designing the warehouse, generating ETL code and applying updates all while leveraging best practices. This dramatically reduces the time, cost and risk to deliver on the promise of an agile data warehouse:

  • Intelligent model-driven workflow
  • Automated ETL, field set and data mart script generation
  • Rollout change management and propagation
Qlik Catalog

Trusted, enterprise-ready data

Deliver a secure, enterprise-scale catalog for all the data in your warehouse and throughout your organization, no matter where it resides. Business users get a single, go-to data marketplace to find, understand, and use any enterprise data source to gain insights:

  • Smart, integrated data catalog
  • Security and governance
  • Enhances IT and business collaboration

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Transform your entire business with an agile data warehouse.

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Enable real-time data warehouse analytics with easy, efficient change data capture. Qlik solutions provide streaming change data capture (CDC) and DW automation for all major data warehouse platforms, complementing existing ETL/ELT processes.