MySQL Replication Software

Intro to MySQL Replication Software

MySQL is now the world's most popular open-source database and a framework of choice for high-volume websites and web-based applications. As a result, more firms than ever need MySQL replication software that can help them aggregate and integrate data from their MySQL databases with other types of data and load it into their data warehouse, data mart, or other type of storage repository. With the right MySQL replication software or data integration solution, firms should be able to accelerate data warehousing tasks, deploy new analytics projects, and maximize the value of their data assets.

Why MySQL Replication Software Is a Must for the Data-Driven Enterprise

MySQL's built-in database replication technology can be used to create scale-out architectures, offload resource-intensive operations, replicate data to standby servers, or share data with remote offices. It can be employed to replicate an entire server, certain databases, or a selection of tables, implement statement-based and/or row-based data replication, and keep data across multiple servers synchronized.

MySQL's data replication capability is fairly straightforward to configure, but its lack of a graphical user interface means there's no way to avoid time-consuming manual coding. Moreover, MySQL doesn't provide support for heterogeneous replication or ingesting data into data warehouses—a must have in the data-driven enterprise. So platform-independent MySQL replication software can make a real difference, helping you save time and avoid error-prone scripting.

A MySQL replication software solution like this can provide you with useful features like a visual interface with point-and-click functionality and heterogeneous replication capabilities to enable seamless data migrations and real-time data integration across different types of databases. Platform-independent MySQL replication software can also help you leverage new data processing platforms and technologies by allowing you to move data quickly into MongoDB databases, date warehouses like HP Vertica and Teradata, and Hadoop distributions.

Qlik Replicate: High Performance, User-Friendly Enterprise Data Replication and Loading

Qlik Replicate®: The Universal Enterprise Data Replication Solution

Qlik Replicate is more than a data replication software product. It's a universal platform for data replication and ingestion that empowers you to move various types of data more easily and efficiently across your databases, data warehouses, and other data repositories on site or in the cloud. Our platform supports all major relational databases including MySQL and PostgreSQL, big data analytics platforms, cloud storage platforms, Hadoop ecosystems, and Kafka message brokers.

Our intuitive GUI and web-based monitoring console eliminate the need for scripting, making configuring and managing replication tasks much simpler, while our high-performance platform automates all the steps required to build your data pipelines. Our unique low-impact change data capture technology enables real-time data integration. And unlike other types of MySQL replication software, there's no need to install intrusive agents on your source or target systems.

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