Intro to S3 Data Lake

The Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) is an object storage service ideal for building a data lake. With nearly unlimited scalability, an Amazon S3 data lake enables enterprises to seamlessly scale storage from gigabytes to petabytes of content, paying only for what is used.

An Amazon S3 data lake provides many benefits when developing analytics for Big Data. The centralized nature of an S3 data lake architecture makes it simple to build a multi-tenant environment where multiple users can bring their own Big Data analytics tool to a common set of data. The S3 data lake integrates easily with other Amazon Web Services like Amazon Athena, Amazon Redshift Spectrum and Amazon Glue. And an S3 data lake enables storage to be decoupled from compute and data processing to optimize costs and data processing workflows.

Additionally, with an S3 data lake, enterprises can cost-effectively store any type of structured, semi-structured or unstructured data in its native format. This ability to collect and process highly diverse sets of data allows enterprises to develop deeper insight and more valuable business intelligence from analytics, integrating data from a much broader range of sources for a broader view.

The Challenge of Data Ingestion in the S3 data lake

When using an S3 data lake for Big Data analytics, data ingestion is typically the most challenging management task for IT teams. To ensure a data pipeline full of analytics-ready data, administrators and IT teams may need to manage ingestion for hundreds or thousands of sources, many of which require custom coding and individual agents. The tools they have relied on for ingestion and integration in the past are no longer workable – they lack the efficiency and scalability required to manage ingestion of large data sets and real-time data streams. To realize the benefits of an S3 data lake without overburdening IT teams, enterprises need a Big Data tool to simplify and speed data ingestion.

Qlik Replicate®: A Powerful Tool for S3 data lake Ingestion

Qlik Replicate is a software solution that simplifies replication, synchronization, distribution, consolidation and ingestion of data across all major databases, data warehouses and Hadoop. With Qlik Replicate, IT teams can automate an upload to the cloud or to an on-premise data store, using an intuitive GUI to quickly set up data feeds and monitor bulk loads.

To minimize impact on sources, Qlik Replicate moves data at high speed from source to target, using log-based change data capture (CDC) technology and zero-footprint architecture to reduce administrative burden and improve source production performance.

Qlik Replicate provides support for all major sources and targets, enabling ingestion to Hadoop distributions and Azure Data Lake Store in addition to Amazon S3 data lake implementations. And Qlik Replicate works seamlessly with other solutions for managing and processing Big Data, including Microsoft HD Insight, Apache NiFi, Apache Sqoop and others.

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