IDC PlanScape: Data Intelligence Software for Data Governance

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Get the right strategy – and the right technology – for governing your data without locking it down.

When you’re using analytics to transform your organization, you need your data to be trustworthy, current, and available to the right people at the right time. That means finding a way to protect it and manage it – in other words, to govern it – without locking it down.

How can you strike a balance between data accessibility and trust? With data intelligence software, which helps your organization take a holistic approach to data enablement. With the right data intelligence software and strategy, regulatory compliance becomes easier, the integrity of your data improves, and your entire organization becomes more effective and efficient when working with data.

Get a complete introduction to data intelligence software in the IDC study IDC PlanScape: Data Intelligence Software for Data Governance. Topics include:

  • What is data intelligence software – and who uses it?
  • Why do you need it – and what benefits does it deliver?
  • How can you plan for implementing it?