Our technology works with your infrastructure

Qlik’s architecture and platforms strategy was designed to bring together all your data and securely deliver analytics at elastic scale. Deploy anywhere with a modern, multi-cloud architecture, providing data on-demand to all your users with enterprise-grade security and governance.

A distributed architecture that doesn’t play favorites

Qlik’s architecture lets you easily deploy in your Windows environment or with a cloud-native modern microservices architecture utilizing Docker and Kubernetes technologies. It’s platform agnostic, so you can deploy anywhere – on-premise, in a single cloud or across multi-clouds and everywhere in between. It’s your infrastructure, your choice.

Enterprise-grade security and governance

Centralized management control offers flexible, rules-based governance with fine grained control of publishing, sharing and user access to apps and data, down to row level. Metadata and detailed logging let you govern and audit every workflow.

Flexible and scalable architecture

Our platform easily adapts to your requirements with elastic scalability to meet the peak demands of ever-increasing data, users, and complexity of use cases. Get a better return on your data infrastructure footprint without impacting performance.

Deploy in any environment

Flexible deployment options let you focus on delivering insights, not building new infrastructure. Launch analytics fast with Qlik Cloud Services®, easily deploy in your own cloud on Windows or Kubernetes environments and leverage our deep network of MSPs to support your requirements.

Work with the technology partners you already use

Broad strategic partnerships let you easily utilize the vendors you already use. Whether you want to deploy on leading cloud platforms or integrate with critical operational systems, your solutions will work the first time and every time.

All your data, any source, from small to massive – available on demand

Qlik accelerates the availability of analytics-ready data by automating real-time data movement, refinement, cataloging and publishing. It can enable DataOps for analytics by accelerating the entire data journey – uncovering all existing data repositories, creating accessible data sources and making it easy for users to select the data they need.

  • Intelligently deliver real-time data with Change Data Capture technology from Attunity so users analyze only the latest information.
  • Understand all of your data with Qlik Data Catalyst™, offering a secure, single view of data for users with governed enterprise catalogs.
  • Query your largest data sets directly at their source with incredible performance using the Qlik Associative Big Data Index.
  • Easily connect to nearly any data source with an extensive collection of pre-built connectors and access to any source that has ODBC or REST connectivity.

Deliver any analytics solution with a truly flexible and open platform

Open APIs / API Library

Your analytics solutions can adapt and grow as your needs change with a data and platform-agnostic approach. Support any integration scenario and data connection with an extensive set of open APIs.

Open and extensible platform

Enhance your Qlik analytic solutions with extensions from our network of Trusted Extension Developers or meet any requirement by developing your own. No matter how your technology landscape changes, Qlik can work with you.

Embedded analytics

Empower your users by embedding analytics directly into the operational applications and processes they use every day. Qlik allows you to get started easily and quickly, supporting any scenario, from the simple to complex.

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