Statement of Direction

Qlik Product Innovation and Direction

Explore our latest innovations and strategic direction for the future.

Our Vision: Active Intelligence™

In today’s digital economy, real-time agility is essential to stay competitive. That requires delivering up-to-date information to the right users at the right times, in a way that enables them to act. But traditional, passive BI can’t meet these demands.

At Qlik, we have pioneered a new approach that creates an end-to-end analytics data pipeline delivering real-time, up-to-date information designed to trigger immediate actions when they matter most – in the business moment. We call this approach Active Intelligence, delivered through Qlik Cloud®, the only end-to-end cloud platform for real-time data integration and analytics.

3 Guiding Principles To Deliver Our Vision


Qlik is a SaaS company

We will market a move to the cloud as customers seek to reduce TCO and increase scale, and maximize customer value through a cloud-first approach that enables rapid innovation, adoption and supports our data strategy.


Qlik respects the customers’ data location

Customers will have data that they either cannot or are not willing to move to Qlik’s cloud, and we will support those use cases. We will also embrace a modern data-ops approach delivered as-a-service to build the analytics data pipeline.


Qlik takes care of its customers

We will combine the value of software and services, always on, as customers modernize and move to the cloud. We will protect our customers' investments and provide freedom of choice.

Current Strategic Priorities

Here are our key initiatives driving our product roadmap for 2022:

  • World Class SaaS

    Provide solutions that enable the journey to the cloud, through easy to adopt cloud services that speed time to value and deliver innovation rapidly, delivered via a world-class SaaS platform that leverages an API first approach.

  • Analytics Data Pipeline

    Easily design and execute real-time data pipelines in an automated way, freeing data from sources and enabling users to get the data they need, breaking down barriers between data producers and consumers.

  • Insights for All

    Deliver analytics capabilities that excite new users and keep existing users coming back, with an intuitive first-time experience, best in class collaboration, and mobile and embedded capabilities that deliver insights at the point of decision.

  • Data to Action

    Drive the transformation from passive BI to Active Intelligence by leveraging real-time data, coupled with AI and machine learning to uncover insights that compel and prompt timely action.

  • Customer Success

    Provide solutions that delight and maximize the value of your investments in Qlik by listening to and acting on your feedback, enabling best-practices, driving adoption and focusing on supportability, maintainability, security and quality.

  • Share Your Ideas

    Vote for your favorite product ideas, make suggestions and see what others are sharing in our community Ideation Forum.

What’s New

Check out our product innovation and new capabilities.



US Healthcare and Life Sciences organizations subject to HIPAA laws can now take advantage of Qlik Cloud's full potential including the ability to use Personal Health Information (PHI) data within the platform.


Customer Managed Keys

For organizations with strict encryption and governance requirements, Customer Managed Keys is an advanced security capability allowing customers to bring their own encryption keys to protect their data in Qlik Cloud.


Qlik Cloud Data Integration

Qlik Cloud Data Integration helps Data Engineers quickly deliver, transform, and unify enterprise data via automated, efficient, and governed data pipelines. These pipelines improve data timeliness, reliability, and scale, which are essential for every analytics, ML or digital transformation initiative.


AutoML in SaaS

Qlik AutoML on Qlik Cloud brings the power of machine learning and predictive analytics directly to your business analysts and analytics teams, allowing them to easily generate machine learning models, make predictions, and plan decisions – all within an intuitive, code-free user experience.


Direct Query

Direct Query enables Qlik Sense apps to directly query cloud databases using SQL, through visualizations and user filtering. This complements our industry-leading analytics engine and user experience by offering a hybrid approach to analytics consumption, all in Qlik Cloud.


Enterprise Access Control

With enterprise access control and flexible app sharing, Qlik Sense SaaS users have more granular control over how app content is shared and accessed across the deployment. This capability improves content security and governance particularly for larger deployments of many users and apps.


Qlik SaaS Catalog Field Based Lineage

Enables users to see the flow of each data field – from original data source to end-user applications – within every data asset that’s managed in Qlik Sense SaaS. This provides data consumers with a detailed understanding of where and how data fields are being utilized.


Qlik Forts

A new hybrid cloud service that changes the game for organizations that can't move all their data to Qlik Cloud, by securely extending Qlik Sense SaaS capabilities into your data, regardless of location – virtual private cloud, public cloud or on-prem.


Catalog Analytic Score/KPI

A new capability to help quickly understand key characteristics of every accessible data set within your catalog with visual, configurable KPIs that portray the usage, user approval and completeness of each data set.


Reporting Service

A new way to distribute report outputs from Qlik Sense apps to a variety of channels via business process automation.


Application Automation

Visually automate analytics tasks to improve efficiency, increase business productivity, and accelerate decision making.


Impact Analysis

Improve data trust by helping users easily understand the origin and uses of each dataset within their SaaS Data Catalog.

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