Introduction to DB2 Mainframe

Many organizations continue to rely on DB2 mainframe technology to run their data warehouse. As legacy systems become increasingly costly to operate and maintain, however, more firms are assessing how modernizing or migrating data from their existing mainframes can help them leverage new technologies, reduce IT spending, and achieve greater agility.

By replacing aging legacy data stores like DB2 mainframe databases with more efficient and powerful technologies on premises or in the cloud, firms can not only reduce their IT expenditures but also improve their infrastructural scalability, application performance, and BI analytics capabilities. By migrating DB2 mainframe data to a SQL Server database or a Hadoop cluster, for example, companies can reduce data warehousing costs, boost operational efficiency, and enable advanced data analytics.

Simplify and Accelerate Mainframe Modernization and DB2 Mainframe Data Migration Projects

Building on over two decades of experience in enterprise data integration, Qlik has developed advanced software to help you accelerate mainframe modernization and mainframe data migration projects.

With Qlik Replicate®, our high-performance data replication and real-time data integration solution, your teams can efficiently copy and migrate DB2 mainframe data to the database, data warehouse, cloud platform, Hadoop distribution, or big analytics platform of your choice. Faster and less intrusive than IBM's DB2 SQL replication, Qlik Replicate enables non-invasive, low-latency DB2 replication, enabling you to extract data from your DB2 mainframe and load it into self-service BI and modern analytics environments—quickly, easily, and without significantly impacting the performance your source systems.

Real-Time Database Streaming for Kafka

Enable Real-Time Data Integration and Analytics with Change Data Capture for DB2 Mainframe

Qlik Replicate enables real-time data integration using our next-generation, log-based change data capture or CDC for database technology. Optimized for data warehouse targets, intelligent in-memory transaction streaming and low-impact DB2 CDC technology empower your teams to efficiently and cost-effectively offload and integrate DB2 mainframe data with other types of data in your data warehouse on premises or in the cloud for real-time data warehousing and real-time analytics. Your teams can:

  • Deliver mainframe data to Cloudera, Hortonworks, and other Hadoop distributions at high speed

  • Replicate changed data continuously to keep your datasets on big data platforms up-to-date

  • Convert mainframe transactions into real-time message streams by feeding live data changes to Kafka

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