DB2 Replication

Intro to DB2 Replication

DB2 replication refers to the processes of creating and maintaining multiple instances of the same DB2 database or duplicating and migrating objects from a DB2 database to a different DB2 or non-DB2 database, data warehouse, or other type of data repository. Implemented through database vendor-provided or third-party tools, DB2 replication is typically used to create a backup database, distribute data across multiple sites for localized data access, consolidate data from multiple data sources or sites, offload data from an operational system, or improve application availability.

Database-Vendor Provided DB2 Replication Tools vs. Third-Party Replication Tools

IBM offers users of its DB2 databases various built-in or add-on technologies for DB2 replication. The most popular of its replication tools are DB2 SQL Replication and Q Replication, a queue-based replication tool—both of which approach DB2 replication through DB2 CDC or change data capture. With SQL Replication, changes made to the database are detected from transaction logs, and captured changes are then stored in staging tables on the source database. A separate program retrieves those changes, using standard SQL statements to adjust table content on the target system accordingly.

Although SQL Replication is a powerful tool, some users prefer Q Replication, IBM's newer architecture for DB2 replication, which enables high-volume, low-latency replication by leveraging WebSphere MQ queues as a transport mechanism for captured data changes. On the other hand, other users are finding that third-party data replication tools are a better option for DB2 replication because of their affordability, ease-of-use, and greater flexibility in terms of replication schemes and source/target system support.

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A Universal Data Replication Tool for DB2 Replication, SQL Server Replication, and More

In your search for the best DB2 replication solution for your needs, we encourage you to include Qlik Replicate® in your database replication tool comparison. Replicate is a versatile database-agnostic replication tool suitable for DB2 replication, SQL Server replication, and many other use cases.

Replicate features our unique, non-invasive CDC technology and a zero-footprint architecture—meaning there's no need to install agents on your source or target systems. Choose from robust data replication patterns including transactional, batch-optimized, or message-oriented replication, and deliver the data you need to the database, data warehouse, data lake, or cloud platform of your choice. Our Click-2-Replicate graphical user interface makes executing and monitoring replication tasks simple and easy, accelerating time-to-value and lowering your total cost of ownership.

In addition to our affordable, efficient data replication solution, we also offer DB2 mainframe users tools that can help them simplify and accelerate mainframe application integration and mainframe modernization projects.

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