Introduction to SQL ETL

While Microsoft SQL Server provides many data management benefits to the enterprise, traditional SQL ETL tools are no longer up to the task when it comes to ingesting, integrating and distributing SQL data.

The data contained in SQL Server holds great value for an organization’s analytics. But to glean potential insight and business intelligence from it, the data must be migrated to a variety of analytics platforms. Traditional SQL ETL tools typically require a great deal of manual coding, especially for non-SQL server targets. With data sources and targets continuously growing in number and diversity, organizations need an SQL ETL solution that can support integration with a broad range of heterogeneous databases, data warehouses and Big Data platforms. That’s where Qlik Replicate® can help.

Qlik Replicate: a powerful SQL ETL alternative

Qlik Replicate is a software solution that accelerates data replication, ingestion and streaming for a wide range of sources and targets, including Microsoft SQL server. Hundreds of enterprises worldwide rely on Qlik Replicate to move data quickly and easily, with minimal impact on production sources.

As an SQL ETL an alternative, Qlik Replicate provides:

  • Faster movement. Qlik Replicate enables enterprises to quickly and easily replicate, synchronize, consolidate, distribute and ingest data across a wide variety of sources and targets. One global insurer, for example, cut its nightly batch load time from 6-8 hours to under 10 minutes.

  • Ease-of-use. Qlik Replicate outperforms traditional SQL ETL solutions by providing administrators with an intuitive GUI for automating replication, eliminating the need for manual coding.

  • Minimal impact. Qlik Replicate reduces the impact on source systems through log-based change data capture (CDC) technology and zero-footprint architecture that requires no intrusive agents, triggers or timestamps on sources and targets.

  • Easy scalability. In contrast to traditional SQL ETL tools, Qlik Replicate simplifies massive injection into Big Data platforms from hundreds or thousands of sources, without adding administrative burden to IT teams or data administrators.

A SQL ETL alternative that supports a broad range of sources and targets.

Unlike traditional SQL ETL tools, Qlik Replicate supports the industry’s widest variety of sources and targets, enabling data integration across cloud or hybrid environments. Qlik Replicate provides support for:

  • RDBMS: Oracle, SQL, DB2, MySQL, Sybase, PostgreSQL

  • Data warehouses: Exadata, Teradata, IBM Netezza, Vertica, Pivotal, SQL Data Warehouse

  • Cloud: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud SQL

  • Cloud data warehouses: Amazon Redshift, Azure Synapse, Google BigQuery, Snowflake

  • Data lakes: Cloudera, Databricks, Amazon S3, ADLS Gen2

  • Streaming metadata: JSON data integration

  • Streaming platforms: Apache Kafka and Confluent Platform

  • Legacy: IMS/DB, DB2 z/OS, RMS, VSAM

  • Applications: SAP

  • NoSQL data integration

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