ETL Automation

Introduction to ETL Automation

ETL is the one of the most critical and time-consuming parts of data warehousing. One way that companies have been able to reduce the amount of time and resources spent on ETL workloads is through the use of ETL automation, most commonly available in the form of Data Warehouse Automation.

Developers, data analysts, and IT teams can leverage a BI ETL tool or data integration software to automatically generate ETL code and more quickly and easily execute and manage ETL processes. As the volume, variety, and velocity of data flows increase, IT teams are finding that their existing ETL tools are unable to provide the data delivery speeds, flexibility, and extensibility necessary for delivering successful BI projects. What they need are real-time data warehousing solutions that help them overcome the limits of ETL automation and accelerate high-volume data acquisition.

ETL automation tools are appealing for several reasons. First, writing ETL scripts is complicated and prone to error, and over time, modifying and troubleshooting ETL processes becomes increasingly difficult. An automated ETL solution allows IT teams or data integration specialists to design, execute, and monitor the performance of ETL integration workflows through a simple point-and-click graphical interface. An ETL automation tool eliminates the need for manual coding and provides a convenient and easy way to manage data flows and implement basic data transformations.

In addition to providing a visual overview of data processing structures, ETL automation tools may offer built-in connectors optimized for common data sources and targets as well as advanced data profiling and cleansing capabilities.

Real-time database streaming for Kafka

Implement Real-Time Data Warehousing with Qlik Compose®

Qlik offers innovative data integration and big data management solutions that help our clients stay agile. Qlik Compose, our data warehouse automation solution, provides ETL automation for the agile data warehouse. Together with supporting GUI-driven design and creation of data warehouses and data marts, Qlik Compose integrates seamlessly with Qlik Replicate®, a powerful data replication and data ingestion platform that supports real-time ETL and allows you to deliver the freshest data possible to your data warehouse.

Equipped with our unique CDC technology and in-memory stream processing, Qlik Replicate lets you extract data from the broadest range of platforms including all major databases, mainframes, and business applications and deliver data efficiently to a wide range of databases, data warehouses, and big data platforms. CDC minimizes the need for bulk data transfer and enables continuous loading of changed data for real-time data warehousing. And for your most resource-intensive ETL workloads, Qlik Replicate can help you facilitate and accelerate ETL offload to Hadoop environments.

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