Data Warehouse Modernization

Introduction to Data Warehouse Modernization

As cloud data warehouse technology evolves, data warehouse modernization becomes critical to ensuring that enterprises have timely access to the data and analytics they need to compete. Data warehouse modernization enables the data warehouse environment to meet quickly changing business requirements, provide support for new data sources and rapidly iterate new solutions.

Traditional ETL tools can be difficult to use and lack the automation that can help reduce the time, cost and risk of data warehousing projects. For enterprises seeking leading data warehouse modernization solutions, Qlik (Attunity) provides an innovative data warehousing automation solution.

Achieve data warehouse modernization

Qlik (Attunity) helps to achieve data warehouse modernization by streamlining and automating processes from end to end. With Qlik (Attunity), IT teams can accelerate and simplify data warehouse design, development, testing, deployment and updates.

From designing the warehouse to generating ETL code or quickly applying updates, Qlik (Attunity) leverages best practice and proven design patterns to help organizations achieve data warehouse modernization.

Qlik (Attunity) enables IT teams to:

  • Quickly design, create, load and update data warehouses.

  • Reduce time, costs and risk by automatically generating ETL code.

  • Leverage best practices and templates to develop more effective business intelligence projects.

  • Minimize dependence on developers to create data warehouses and manage data warehouse modernization.

  • Create end-to-end workflow automatically, from ingesting data to generating reports.

Qlik (Attunity) supports data warehouse modernization for major enterprise solutions, including Oracle/Exadata, SQL Server and Teradata implementations on premises and for Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, Google BigQuery and Microsoft Azure Data Warehouse in the cloud.

Streaming Change Data Capture

Learn how to modernize your data and analytics environment with scalable, efficient and real-time data replication that does not impact production systems.

Benefits for data warehouse modernization

Qlik (Attunity) provides many advantages to enterprises working toward data warehouse modernization. Benefits include:

  • Faster data warehouse implementation. Qlik (Attunity) enables data warehouses and data marts to be built much more quickly than traditional ETL tools. IT teams can create and implement solutions in days or weeks, rather than months. Design automation enable structures to be quickly defined and deployed, and ETL automation that automatically generates 80% or more of ETL commands helps to significantly reduce the time and resources required for implementation.

  • Rapid ETL processing. Qlik (Attunity) makes it easy to iterate and update data warehouse solutions, aligning them more easily with the needs of IT and LOB teams.

  • Process optimization. Qlik (Attunity) accelerates rollouts and updates, with easy-to-use tools for developing data warehouse designs and data warehouse implementations.

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