Oracle Replication Tool

Introduction to Oracle Replication Tool

Because more firms are now leveraging different types of data repositories to store and analyze their data, they need tools that allow them to efficiently move data across their various enterprise data stores, business intelligence applications, and data analytics platforms. With the right Oracle replication tool, you can easily copy and deliver Oracle data to other databases and data warehouses as well as distributed data management and data processing platforms.

By facilitating Oracle database replication, an Oracle replication tool can help you optimize the performance and availability of your mission-critical applications and databases and accelerate the adoption of new data types and data processing technologies.

Essential Capabilities to Look for in an Oracle Replication Tool

There are a variety of Oracle replication software solutions on the market today, including Oracle GoldenGate, Oracle's flagship replication software, which has replaced the now discontinued Oracle replication tool Oracle Streams as well as built-in Oracle change data capture.

Optimized for Oracle to Oracle replication, Oracle GoldenGate can be cumbersome to configure and maintain, particularly given functionality limitations for non-Oracle environments. Fortunately, there are more affordable solutions for Oracle replication and Oracle CDC that are easy to use and offer the same level of performance and reliability as GoldenGate. If you're interested in finding an alternative to GoldenGate or simply looking for the best Oracle replication tool for your particular needs, here are some essential capabilities to consider:

  • Low-latency data transfer: An Oracle replication tool that allows you to move data from source to target systems with low-latency to avoid data processing bottlenecks

  • Batch data delivery and real-time data integration: An Oracle replication tool that supports multiple data delivery methods and is equipped with non-invasive CDC capabilities for capturing and delivering changed data incrementally

  • Heterogeneous data replication: A replication solution that enables you to extract and move data from non-Oracle sources and integrate Oracle data with data from other enterprise data repositories

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An Affordable, User-Friendly Oracle Replication Tool from Qlik

Building on long experience in enterprise data integration, Qlik offers an innovative data replication platform that is easy to use and affordable. Qlik Replicate® is a high-performance, automated data integration solution that supports full load, batch, and continuous replication across all major database, data warehouse, legacy, Hadoop and cloud platforms.

Our solution's intuitive visual interface simplifies data pipeline building and eliminates the need for scripting through drag-and-drop functionality. And our web-based monitoring console lets you view the status of and modify replication tasks from any standard web browser while providing you with useful metrics and timely notifications.

Qlik Replicate supports the broadest range of source and target platforms, so whether it's Oracle replication or MySQL replication software you need, we have you covered. Our log-based CDC technology is non-intrusive and works with Oracle and SQL Server databases as well as mainframe data sources such as DB2 or VSAM. Combined with our in-memory streaming technology, our unique CDC technology optimizes data movement and enables low-latency data transfer and real-time data integration across the enterprise.

Unlike Oracle GoldenGate, Qlik Replicate requires no disruptive, hard-to-maintain software agents on sources or targets. And unlike Oracle GoldenGate, Qlik Replicate provides a single, fully automated replication process with uncompromised support for all major platforms.

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