Oracle to Hadoop Data Migration

Introduction to Oracle to Hadoop Data Migration

Enterprise data is growing exponentially and much of that data is stored in Oracle databases. Enterprises are striving to derive business intelligence and competitive advantage from this "big data", with Hadoop having emerged as the de facto platform for big data analytics. For many organizations then, a key prerequisite of big data driven business insight is Oracle to Hadoop data migration. In particular enterprises need an Oracle to Hadoop data migration solution that's simple and reliable and that can keep a Hadoop data lake supplied with the freshest possible data to support timely analytics.

Qlik Replicate®: Bulk and Real-Time Oracle to Hadoop Data Migration Made Easy

Many enterprises are finding an ideal Oracle to Hadoop data migration solution in Qlik Replicate, the innovative and versatile database migration tool from the data integration technology veterans at Qlik. As a proven solution to the challenges of Oracle to Hadoop data migration, Qlik Replicate stands out for its:

  • Ease of use. With Qlik Replicate Oracle to Hadoop data migration pipelines can be configured and executed with an intuitive graphical interface with no need for manual coding or scripting. By empowering data architects and data scientists with self-service control over Hadoop data ingestion processes – and reducing reliance on development staff -- Qlik Replicate makes your big data analytics operation more efficient and agile.

  • Support for real-time Oracle to Hadoop data migration. Along with high-performance bulk data migration, Qlik Replicate delivers enterprise-grade change data capture (CDC) technology that feeds your data lake Hadoop environment with the freshest possible data without putting strain on your Oracle source systems.

  • Support for all leading Hadoop distributions. Qlik Replicate supports Oracle to Hadoop data migration for any major Hadoop distribution including Cloudera, MapR, and Hortonworks, as well as cloud-based Hadoop environments such as AWS Elastic MapReduce.

Qlik Replicate: High Performance, User-Friendly Enterprise Data Replication and Loading

Oracle to Hadoop Data Migration and More

One of the main appeals of a Hadoop data lake is that you can fill it with a wide range of data and content types, so that data lake analytics can draw on every potential source of insight into your business operations and your market. It's best then if your Hadoop data integration tool supports not just Oracle to Hadoop data migration, but also other source-to-Hadoop data migration pipelines. Qlik Replicate fits the bill with the broadest source and destination support in the data integration solutions market. With Qlik you can use a single platform and single interface to configure, execute, and monitor Hadoop data ingestion flows from multiple sources including:

  • Any major relational database system

  • Any major data warehouse system

  • Any major mainframe system

  • Any major SAS application

  • Unstructured content in file systems

Along with all these source-to-Hadoop data migration flows Qlik also supports streaming real-time data changes from source systems into Apache Kafka, which in turn can distribute data concurrently to Hadoop and other big data repositories such as Cassandra or Couchbase.

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