Data Migration Software

Introduction to Data Migration Software

Firms today are producing and collecting more data than ever before, and to harness the full value of that data, they are turning to various new platforms to help them store, process, and analyze data more efficiently and affordably. This includesNoSQL databases such as MongoDB, parallel relational platforms like Netezza and Greenplum, and Hadoop distributions like Cloudera and Hortonworks. To take advantage of new data storage and processing systems, companies need data migration software that enables them to move data from their transactional systems, online channels, sensor networks, and other data stores to new environments faster and easier.

With Qlik easy-to-use, high-performance data migration software, enterprises can move data efficiently from their traditional relational databases and legacy systems to an MPP database, a Hadoop data warehouse, and other new platforms, without degrading the performance of their source systems and with little to no downtime.

Enabling Big Data Initiatives with Data Migration Software

Data migration software can help you transfer and convert data between different types of servers, file formats, storage environments, and data architectures. Those who have looked into the question of what is data integration may know that data migration differs from integration in so far as data on the source system is often removed or decommissioned after the migration is completed. Common usage scenarios for data migration software include implementing major system upgrades, moving to a new analytics platform—for example, an Oracle to Hadoop data migration—transitioning to a cloud-based or hybrid architecture, consolidating data during mergers and acquisitions, and carrying out new business intelligence projects.

Perhaps the scenario for which data migration software is the most valuable is in undertaking larger scale initiatives. Instead of relying on time-consuming manual coding or complex ETL tools, your teams can leverage data migration software solutions that accelerate and simplify migration projects. Migrating large volumes and varieties of data from your existing data stores to Hadoop data lakes and other platforms purpose-built for big data analytics is challenging. By automating migration tasks, a database migration tool allows you to move data where and when you need it faster, easier, and with less risk and downtime.

Real-time database streaming for Kafka

Smart, Powerful Data Migration Software for Zero-Downtime Migrations and Big Data Loading

Featuring an intuitive visual interface and flexible ingestion framework, our data replication and ingestion platform is suitable for a variety of data migration projects including cloud data migration and big data loading. Qlik Replicate® combines high-performance database replication software—including our next-generation change data capture technology—with connectivity to a wide range of databases, data warehouses, mainframes, and Hadoop ecosystems.

With Qlik Replicate, you can design, execute, and manage data migrations easily through our drag-and-drop interface and implement real-time data synchronization—for zero-downtime database migrations—by leveraging our change data capture capabilities. Replication processes run automatically, eliminating the need for error-prone manual coding and helping you save time. And by enabling continuous replication of data changes to your target system, you can ensure that users have access to the most accurate, up-to-data at all times.

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