Data Transformation Tool

Introduction to Data Transformation Tool

As the job of preparing data for analytics becomes increasingly complex, data administrators need a powerful data transformation tool to minimize the time, complexity and cost of moving data from source systems to data warehouses and other targets.

Data preparation and transformation can be one of the most time-consuming and tedious aspects of managing a data pipeline. Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) tools that were once the mainstay of data transformation are no longer up to the task. Working with hundreds or thousands of sources, data administrators and data architects often become bogged down writing manual ETL code for data transformation tasks, spending as much as 80% of their time on data prep alone.

To accelerate data prep and data transformation, organizations need a data transformation tool that can automate processes, accelerate tasks and move data through the pipeline with greater speed.

Qlik Compose®: A Data Transformation Tool for Faster Time to Analytics

Qlik Compose is an agile ETL automation and data transformation tool that automates ETL and replication end-to-end, freeing data administrators from tedious and error-prone manual coding. From optimizing the design of data warehouses to automatically generating ETL code, Qlik Compose helps to dramatically reduce the time, cost and risk of transforming data for business intelligence projects.

With Qlik’s data transformation tool, enterprises can:

  • Accelerate ETL processes and data lake creation or warehousing projects 10x to speed time to analytics.

  • Design, create, load and update data lakes or warehouses more quickly.

  • Automatically generate workflow end-to-end.

  • Reduce the time, cost and development requirements for data transformation.

  • Use templates to implement best practices for more effective analytics projects.

Features and Benefits of a Data Transformation Tool from Qlik

As a powerful data transformation tool, Qlik Compose provides key operational features that enable administrators to ingest, synchronize, distribute and consolidate data more easily.

  • Change Data Capture (CDC) technology enables real-time data extraction, loading and synchronization, providing a powerful alternative to change data capture in SQL server.

  • Zero-footprint architecture minimizes the production impact on source systems.

  • Data warehouses and data marts can be easily populated with a data transformation tool that auto-generates ETL.

  • When developing data warehouses, administrators can choose a model-driven methodology guided by business processes or a data-driven methodology based on reporting requirements.

  • Qlik’s data transformation tool integrates easily with Qlik Replicate® data ingestion and replication software, automating extraction from multiple heterogeneous sources without manual coding.

Qlik Compose and Qlik Replicate integrate easily with other ETL solutions, including SSIS ETL, and serves as a highly efficient cloud and SQL migration tool.

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