Embedded Analytics

Bring analytics to users with speed and simplicity for better adoption.

What is Embedded Analytics?

Embedded analytics refers to the seamless integration of data analysis and reporting capabilities directly into other software applications or platforms such as CRM or ERP systems.

Why It Matters

It lets your customers, partners, and internal users make informed decisions and take action more quickly. This is because they don’t need to switch to a separate analytics tool or dashboard to get the real-time insights and information they need.

Embedded Analytics Examples

Here are examples of how embedded analytics can be applied across your organization
  • Finance

    Unlock and expose operational and financial data for the team in procurement, planning and expense applications.

  • Supply Chain

    Cross multi-system data - land this onto devices and apps in the hands of shop floor, warehouse, logistics to back office workers.

  • Sales

    For the front office, consolidate data in your CRM or ERP apps with embedded analytics for forecasting, sales, channel and marketing performance.

  • Marketing

    Cross-application campaign performance, product and customer insights to improve targeting and customer experience.

15 Stories of Embedded Analytics

A cloud analytics platform for world-class embedded analytics

With the advent of cloud analytics platforms, embedded analytics is a game changer. Qlik Cloud Platform capabilities reflect this leap by offering:

  • AI-powered insights.
  • Automated no-code and low-code workflows to speed tenant deployment and management.
  • Multitenant capabilities to meet your team or product’s most pressing need, from basic reporting to advanced automated machine learning.
  • Ability to embed your way - embed entire Qlik experience or any part of it.
  • Security and privacy-by-design development, elastic scalability, centralized governance.
  • Extend Qlik Cloud Platform capabilities to share insights with external stakeholders.

Get your users closer to their data in a familiar place

Whether a business user or OEM/ISV, enjoy the full range of Qlik Cloud Analytics capabilities for internal use or in your product.

  • Build with the entire Qlik Cloud platform and use any capability as native or an embedded experience.
  • Are you an ISV/OEM? A Qlik Cloud tenant contains an entire Qlik Cloud platform, you can dedicate, deploy and customize each tenant as you want.
  • More control for encryption, IDPs and security at tenant level.
  • Continuous release cycles of the platform for your internal embedding projects and your product go-to-market.
Image representing how Qlik embedded analytics can be presented within other applications and on any device.

Embed and Automate Everywhere

Qlik’s embedding toolkit provides a full range of pro to low to no-code embedding options to satisfy your go-to-market needs with speed and simplicity. Embed capabilities and visualizations as you need to match your requirements.

  • Use pre-built blocks and connectors to enable process automations for deeper integrations into your systems.
  • Use our APIs to integrate with, extend and embed platform capabilities necessary for internal solutions or new software products.
  • Customize your solution further with Nebula.js and easily build and embed specific visualizations with low overhead.

Customization Advantage

Are you an OEM/ISV looking to stylize, brand and give your Qlik applications your organization’s identity? Qlik provides the white labeling approach to give you the precise look you want.

  • Brand Qlik Cloud with your logo or favicons, providing a seamless experience as your customers move between apps, portals and more.
  • Precisely style an app with custom themes by changing the colors, adding images and backgrounds, specify font sizes or colors and define color palettes.
  • Save time, resources and get to market fast with white labeling from the start.

Here to help you on the path to success

  • Join over 1,000 OEM partners

    Gain access to powerful education and support services designed to help you succeed.
  • Powerful education options

    Qlik offers a range of embedded analytics examples and courses to quickly bring your technical team up to speed.
  • Qlik Cloud Developer hub and resources

    Access documentation, code samples, tutorials, libraries and other resources for Qlik Cloud.

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