Your Analytical Retail Assistant: the Qlik Sense Bot

With this new capability for conversational analytics there are no more excuses for data illiteracy.

Today in the year 2017 it is now possible from a technological perspective to make another paradigm shift in the business intelligence industry in the form of the new coined phrase: ‘conversational analytics.’ But what does this mean?

It means there are no longer any barriers to prevent everyone inside your organization having access to data-driven information that can help improve the performance of your own personal objectives and the overall business.

Last week I attended the world wide Qlik Qonnections Conference in Orlando, Florida alongside 3,200 customers, partners and colleagues and in my opinion the term ‘conversational analytics’ was the phrase of the conference.

Qlik this week showcased to the excited audience the new Qlik Sense Bot. What is a bot you may ask? You may already know some popular bots – Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and of course Google. So Qlik has introduced a bot that can tell retailers and those working in this industry what are your top five products sold, or alert you when your markdown profit margin reaches 20%, or even have it send you charts and reports directly to your mobile or tablet device. The possibilities are endless.

Qlik has done this by creating an analytical assistant - that turns Qlik data visualization into conversational analytics. Bots can be used by anyone, anywhere, on any device and at any time.

For the past 12 years whilst working for leading data technology companies I have been canvassing to retailers globally to put analytics into the hands of store colleagues, and to allow them to be able to provide excellent customer service while continuing to be operationally efficient.

One of the biggest reveals at #Qonnections? The Qlik Sense Bot. Read more:

Here at Qlik, we believe it is critical for all employees to have the capability to read, work with, analyze and debate with data. For this to be the case, it must be simple to use. We are now, for the first time, in an era of seeing four generational employees working alongside each other in retail companies and everyone should be comfortable and equipped with working with data.

This means equipping all employees from the baby boomers who were born up to 1964, to my generation, the Gen X who were born up to 1979. Then we have the millennials, Gen Y who have been born in the digital age who were born up to 1995. And finally, the new generational employees, the Gen Z who were born from 1996 who are inherently technology savvy.

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) estimate that there are about seven billion phones in use. The Qlik Sense Bot approach enables anyone with a smartphone to take advantage of allowing conversation analytics to be part of their data-driven daily routines. It is important to equip all these generational colleagues with data-driven information and I believe we have a great chance of transforming cultures to be data-first with technology such as the Qlik Sense Bot.

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