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We talk with Qlik Solution Architect Dalton Ruer about what's to come at #HIMSS17.

With less than a week to go until HIMSS 2017 in Orlando, I took the opportunity to speak to Dalton Ruer from the Qlik Healthcare team about the tremendous array of applications which will be available to visitors on the Qlik Booth #1035.

David: Let’s start with an introduction! Dalton, can you share your background in the health industry and a little about your current role at Qlik?

Dalton: I have spent 10 years in the healthcare industry, the last seven of which were at North East Georgia Health System as the Business Intelligence Architect. We were a Qlik customer for the last five years in that role and I became a Qlik Luminary during my final year in that position. Two years ago I was adopted into the Qlik family as a healthcare solution architect, working with our health customers across the US.

David: I know you’re passionate about sharing the success Qlik is having in healthcare – what applications will visitors be able to interact with at the booth during HIMSS?

Dalton: During the event, visitors will be able to interact with a host of applications at the booth including population health, clinical variance, and readmissions management. We will be focusing on the need to connect multiple, disparate data sources, providing visualizations in a way which not only generate insights, but also drive engagement across the spectrum of users. Many of the apps are developed to solve specific business needs within healthcare and we are excited to be featuring such a broad array of assets, highlighting the tremendous impact Qlik solutions are having across the industry.

David: You mentioned a few examples there, but clinical variance is a particular passion of mine having seen fantastic results from these programs across Europe. Can you expand a little more on the application and what visitors to the booth can expect when they visit?

Dalton: I can do better than that! We have recently completed a short video which shows one of the clinical variance apps which will be available, and the type of insights visitors can expect to uncover…

What does #Qlik have going on at #HIMSS17? Come visit us at Booth #1053 and see!

David: Qlik has recently acquired Idevio for GeoAnalytics, further enhancing the platform. Will you be showing healthcare examples of this at the show?

Dalton: Absolutely! We have recently developed a great example of GeoAnalytics using publicly available data from the CDC. The app looks at social vulnerability using mapping to pinpoint population needs based on a whole host of factors, things like age, housing, language, transport availability, insurance status, and income level. Visitors to the booth will be able to interact with the maps to uncover population insights like never before! For those not familiar with the Idevio technology, we have a great intro video available here:

David: We have so many powerful use cases of the Qlik platform in health, what are the most exciting opportunities from your perspective and will we be showcasing these at HIMSS?

Dalton: Having worked in the health system for many years, there is one key element to success which many people overlook – governance! There is a huge issue in health systems related to trust – trust in the data and trust in the way the measures of success are calculated. Qlik has focused a ton of energy trying to help solve this problem – governance is a core capability in Qlik Sense and with the introduction of master items, we have been able to drive a governed approach to analytics which removes that huge barrier to engagement.

Rather than going from spreadsheet anarchy to visualization anarchy, Qlik enables self-service analytics which everyone trusts and understands. Speak to anyone on the booth about governance and we can demonstrate the power of this incredibly important differentiator in the Qlik platform.

Finally, I’d like to mention embedded analytics – it’s clear that putting the insight where people work is key to driving adoption and success. Qlik has a uniquely simple and elegant way of doing this – ask us about mashups on the booth and we’d be delighted to show you some great examples!

David: Thank you for sharing your insights Dalton, I’m looking forward to HIMSS and I’m sure the visitors to Booth 1035 will be as excited as we are when they see the art of the possible!


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