World Water Week

Extending our commitment to use data to develop strategies that preserve and make sustainable use of water worldwide

To bring a focal point to what’s arguably the most vital resource to mankind – every year, the Stockholm International Water Institute brings together governments, businesses and research bodies to address current and future water and sustainability issues. World Water Week is a recognition that the future of our prosperity and growth comes from working together and taking a stance to address water crises around the globe.

Over the past years, our corporate responsibility program has worked with numerous groups to leverage data to collaborate and protect water. From our partnerships with Circle of Blue and Columbia Water Center, we have worked to develop the KNOWWATER app. With this, we are bringing together data sets from various sources to help understand water availability and consumption in different parts of the United States. By partnering with government bodies such as USGS, USDA and EPA, we are leveraging water well data to cross reference with drilling rights data, enabling decision makers to see on a county level where water was going to potentially be oversubscribed.

In addition to measuring the availability and use of water resources, Circle of Blue has performed extensive research regarding the pricing of water in the United States within various large metropolitan areas. Their research featured in this article details the fine balance between funding water infrastructure investments and maintaining and affordable price that individuals pay per gallon for clean water within their city.

By leveraging data, we are expanding the scope of possibilities and improving solutions necessary to save and prevent sustainability related crises. To help companies better understand and preserve water, our partner, an advanced analytics consulting company, has developed Qlik dashboards to help farmers and other agriculture reliant businesses better understand irrigation needs to conserve water.

Recognized for their innovative Earthstream platform, small growers and organic farmers can now use Qlik to track historical data points around water, temperature, seasonality and forecasts – thus enabling proactive monitoring and distribution water.

This World Water Week, we are extending our commitment to helping unlock data around water issues and adding value to current and future initiatives as water availability and sustainability is central to humanity’s ability to thrive now and in the future. At Qlik, we welcome innovators into our empowered groups using data to develop strategies to preserve and make sustainable use of water worldwide. With data we are starting conversations that fuel progress and drive positive change at the intersection of business, society, and our environment so everyone, everywhere can enjoy a healthy and prosperous future.

This #WorldWaterWeek, our own @juliekae highlights the work we've been doing to preserve our most valued resource by using #data4good.


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