What the Tableau/Salesforce Deal Shows

The Big Vendors Are Desperate to Hold onto Your Data

The analytics market has gone from hot to scorching in the last 5 days - first with Google picking up Looker and now today with Tableau taking itself off the market and joining Salesforce. For anyone following the industry closely it’s no surprise, and I personally welcome the news.

Enterprises are sitting on mountains of data and are clamoring to make better strategic use of it across their business. That means being able to access, manage and analyze that data at scale and in real-time. Our recent moves with Attunity and Data Catalyst give us the only end-to-end platform in the analytics market, and now we stand alone as the largest independent modern analytics platform. That’s a big distinction for our current customers and prospects, and here’s why.

  • First, native-born cloud vendors are validating the need for on-premise – both acquired companies have a play there. This is great news for Qlik, since we have a robust customer portfolio that uses us for both cloud and on-premise every day. We’ve said all along that you need to be able to access and analyze your data wherever it lives – it’s the heart of our multi-cloud strategy. That has only become stronger with the combination of Qlik and our data integration platform of Attunity and Data Catalyst.
  • Second, and maybe even more important: the fight for your data is on, and has become very serious. Despite what is being said publicly, these deals signal that the mega cloud-first vendors intend to lock all your data into their cloud. The notion of multi-cloud flexibility and choice doesn’t match the intent of these deals; and that’s crucial for customers to understand. Lock in was something cloud was supposed to help you avoid, and yet it seems some vendors are looking to repeat the patterns of the past.

Having run large IT organizations, I know customers don’t want to go back to those days. Qlik’s value to customers is as strong as it’s ever been, and these deals shine a bright and positive light on how we’re truly different. Customers and prospects looking to move, integrate, manage and analyze their data across multiple clouds – including their own data centers – at enterprise scale and speed while putting your data where you want have a clear choice, and that’s Qlik.

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As the #analytics spaces heats up w/ acquisitions by @Google & @Salesforce, #Qlik CEO @MikeCapone sheds light on what these moves mean for users

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