What Happened to Launch Day?

The answer is tied to the long-awaited Qlik Sense 3.2!

I joined Qlik four years ago because I absolutely love the power of the QIX engine. But don’t take my word for it. Qlik has been positioned as a leader in the 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for BI & Analytics Platforms for the 7th year in a row!

I still believe that it is at the heart of what makes Qlik great. One of my roles at Qlik is to facilitate the launch of new versions of our products to market. I not only get to “play” with new features before they are released but I am also in a position to see numerous teams from across the organization come together to deliver as ‘One Qlik’.

I began my career at Qlik back when the company was still called QlikView. It was pretty easy to be ‘One Qlik’ back then since we really only had one product, our namesake. Today things are a bit more complicated. Today as Qlik, we deliver a comprehensive product portfolio supporting a wide range of analytical needs – from self-service visualization, to embedded analytics and everything in between. And rather than a ‘launch day’ we are delivering a steady stream of innovations to our customers. (Including service releases, we released software 50 times last year across the entire product family!)

What's new in #QlikSense 3.2? Find out in this blog post:

In fact, a lot has happened in just the time since we shared launch related news with you way back in November:

  • In December, we shared the news about Qlik Sense Cloud Business which empowers small businesses or teams of individuals to work collaboratively together in the Cloud.
  • Just after the new year, we announced the newest member of rapidly growing Qlik family, Qlik GeoAnalytics. (We are already seeing a huge positive response from the market and from analysts. In fact, Qlik was just ranked #1 in a Dresner study on location analytics.)
  • Later that same month, we announced the availability of Qlik Sense Enterprise in the AWS marketplace.
  • And in February, we started to roll out our newest version of Qlik Sense 3.2. I say “started” because we are no longer rolling out everything in one big bang. In fact, as we continue to build on our strength in the cloud, we are beginning to make features available in Qlik Sense Cloud on a continuous basis so there is no need to wait for the ‘big day’ to get the latest features.
  • Qlik Sense 3.2 offers a new conversion tool for leveraging QlikView applications to create new applications in Qlik Sense. It allows users to directly import dimensions, expressions, variables and visualizations from QlikView applications into the Qlik Sense master library. This strengthens the link between Qlik Sense and QlikView, allowing QlikView customers to acceleration development when migrating or recreating apps in Qlik Sense.

To see what's new in Qlik Sense 3.2, be sure to watch Mike Tarallo's video!

With version 3.2, Qlik Sense offers a number of new capabilities for self-service visualization and broad deployment.

  • Advanced coloring - Including the ability to more easily choose custom colors for visualizations, measures, and KPI objects
  • Calendar measures - Automatically generated fields for comparing date ranges for measures using set analysis
  • Shared persistence - A new option for deploying multi-node sites that allows nodes access centralized storage, improving performance and stability
  • Supported desktop client - The ability for Qlik Sense Desktop to authenticate against a Qlik Sense Enterprise server, with full support by Qlik in production environments
  • Additional visualization, navigation, and search improvements

That is just a quick look at some of the great innovation happening at Qlik. We will continue to share the news about what’s new from time to time but if you want to be the “first to know” any time we release something new, you might consider subscribing to our Updates page on Qlik Community.

If you would like to start using Qlik Sense 3.2 right now you can log into Qlik Sense Cloud or download Qlik Sense Desktop here.


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