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To Better Performance, Greater Usability and Lower Total Cost of Ownership. Don’t Just Take Our Word For It - It’s What Data Analytics Leaders Are Saying

At Qlik, we are passionate about our customers and solving their most complex problems – it is what gets us out of bed in the morning, and it is what drives our product strategy. And it is this customer-centric philosophy that is instilled in everyone that walks through the door at Qlik – it’s in our DNA – and is at the heart of who we are.

Prior to the pandemic, I was fortunate enough to travel around the world meeting those who work with our technologies intimately day in, day out. I am always inspired by the eclectic mix of real-world uses of our product, which not only accelerate business outcomes but positively impact the communities we live in. I am also hugely humbled by the overwhelming feedback and positive responses I receive from our community. There is such love for Qlik.

The one thing that users continue to tell me – and that I keep at the forefront of my mind – is that Qlik is more than just a product; it is like being part of a family and is as warm and welcoming as home.

And, in recent times, we have started to see a huge number of users returning to Qlik from competitor products. To understand the reasons why, we ran a survey within our community. The feedback was unanimous, with users consistently citing three main reasons for returning:

  1. Transparent pricing – Tomasz Wojcik said: “Qlik’s price includes all its capabilities”
  2. Performance – Mitch Speer said: “Qlik’s end-to-end is what makes it superior”
  3. Usability – Benoît Gochel said: “Qlik is way more user friendly”

To hear this delights me. My message to every user who has returned to us is – "Welcome Home.” And my promise to you is that we will continue to be the home of transparent pricing, a scalable intuitive analytics platform, and a superior end-to-end platform.

Above all, we are the home of Active Intelligence, allowing you to combine Data Integration with Data Analytics so you can harness all the right data, to deliver the best insights, all at the speed of business.

So, if you’re struggling with any other BI vendor right now, we’d love to welcome you home.

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Transparent pricing, performance & usability make @Qlik the number 1 choice for our BI customers, notes @MikeCapone


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