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Playing sports has been influential in my life for many reasons. Two of the skills I learned in sports that carry over to my work life are receiving and acting on feedback. As an athlete, you are constantly receiving feedback. During each practice, your coach is assessing your execution and delivering insights on ways to improve. Practice is the time you activate this input, to adjust what you are doing to align with guidance and execute at a higher level. The corrections and guidance are repeated in drills to drive the new behavior. The measure of the adaption is in the game. The score is the indicator of success for the team and the coach’s scorecard indicates the effectiveness of the athlete’s performance.

In customer success, our scorecard is the Net Promoter Score (NPS). Qlik’s Customer Loyalty Survey is one of the tools we leverage to collect input from our customers and measure NPS. The input from our customers is vital to our ability to deliver a world-class customer experience.

The most critical aspect of feedback is the timeliness of response. We are addressing this in two ways. The first is to follow up with the customer. If the customer’s response requires follow up, we are using triggered action to engage in a conversation and listen to them directly. Secondly, we are compiling and categorizing the responses. We have leaders from the Customer Success, Products and Sales teams creating action plans based on this feedback to make it easier to work with Qlik and improve our customers’ experience. The output from this work is beginning to result in changes.

The public release of Qlik’s Product Portfolio Strategy and Roadmap webinar series was driven by the request for more transparency in our product strategy and vision. The initial session covered innovations to Data Analytics and our plans for the November release and beyond. The next session will focus on our Data Integration capabilities. Ideas on the Qlik Community is a new feedback mechanism to provide specific details on product needs. Ideas are reviewed within five weeks of being posted and our Product Managers review ideas at the beginning of each product planning cycle. This platform provides customers a voice in how our products evolve.

We are making it easier to work with us, and you are helping us get there. Customers requested more access to our experts and guidance on their analytics journey. We responded with our Signature Success program. Launched in January, customers are benefiting from one of the main tenants of the program: experts by your side. Accessibility to our experts is delivering faster response times from our support organization when there is a problem, enabling us to address the “how-to” questions that frequently arise in a deployment. This ease of access secures project timelines, and, in one case, our customer accelerated their timeline on migration from another solution to Qlik, which earned them savings in license renewal.

Our commitment is to continue improving your experience with Qlik. In October, we sent out the next wave of our Customer Relationship Survey. If you’re invited to take part, please provide us with your candid feedback. We read all of your comments. We listen and we act.

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@Qlik our customers are always on our journey; we learn together, improve together and succeed together, notes @aciperski

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