Visualize Your World Virtual Talk Show

An opportunity to take your data to the next level from Visualize Your World

Ever wonder how to keep pushing further with your data? Wonder no more, Qlik’s Visualize Your World Virtual Talk Show will provide you with valuable insights on how to take your business to the next level!

Tune in on November 14th for APAC regions, November 15th for EMEA regions and November 16th for AMS regions to explore the power behind your data. With special guests like Anthony Deighton, Qlik Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President, Products, Helena Schwenk, IDC Big Data and Analytics Research Manager and many more, attendees will hear how these leaders in the industry view and use data as a tool to continuously innovate and propel their business further.

Talk show guests will address questions like:

- People, data, ideas how would you describe this coming together in your organization?

- How do you change a company culture in terms of its data use?

- How does Big Data enable a company to become more customer centric?

- Part of the Big Data challenge is, organizations don’t know what to ask of data? Where to begin?

- What is the link between Big Data and Augmented Intelligence?

- In your opinion, what is the role of data and analytics in innovation success?

With these valuable insights from experts, attendees will leave this event with a more comprehensive understanding of data’s pivotal role in all business. This event will also explain how Qlik’s associative technology brings all your data together without complex data warehouses, and enables users to freely explore in any direction they want.

The Talk Show host will be Robert Fleming, discussing with the following guests:

  • Anthony Deighton, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President, Products, Qlik
  • Helena Schwenk, Big Data and Analytics Research Manager, IDC
  • Mike Prorock, CTO and Founder, (Qlik customer)
  • Eduardo Di Monte, CEO of OYLO Trust Engineering, and Cybersecurity Advisor for the Utilities sector.
  • Geertjan Woltjes, COO, Quooker (Qlik customer)
  • Stephen Line, VP North EMEA, Cloudera

Propel your data and your business one step further with insights from the #VizYourWorld Virtual Talk Show:


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