Top 5 Reasons that Sailboats in a Bottle Aren't Good for Business

Query-based tools may end up thwarting your journey.

It does an excellent job of describing the journey that the industry is currently undergoing and broke it into four phases that is useful to understand, and this excerpt says it all:

This is very much in alignment with the recent poll conducted by the Wall Street Journal-Custom Studios and discussed with Deloitte and Citigroup in a Qlik webinar held this summer.

What makes traditional query-based BI & #Dataviz tools “ships in a bottle”?

Traditional query-based Business Intelligence & Data Viz Tools have common and widely documented limitations that end up being a bottleneck thwarting the journey and in most cases, outright preventing organizations from progressing through the cycle discussed by authors of the McKinsey article.

To be crystal clear, traditional query-based BI & Data Viz tools are “ships in a bottle” and without further delay, here are my “Top 5 reasons that ships in a bottle aren’t good for business”:

  1. Only point in a single direction and not aware of changing environment
  2. Cannot be combined with other ships to make a fleet
  3. Doesn’t scale (which is quite ironic)
  4. Rumored that the large ones often spin in circles
  5. Usually sits on a shelf while the actual work is done using other means

An alternative exists:

“Rigorous and widespread use of data” to grow profitably and properly manage risk has never been a more achievable goal. Technology that has shattered the bottleneck that has held Financial Services organizations from truly transforming their organizations into one’s being driven by fact based analysis and decision making.

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