February 2020 Qlik Product Releases

We are excited to welcome the first release of 2020 which provides greater value through enhanced capabilities across our data analytics platform.

As part of our drive to lead in the cloud, the February release adds the ability to use third-party visualization extensions in our SaaS offerings. The ability to include extensions from Trusted Extension Developers and the wider development community, now greatly increases the ability to customize analytics in our SaaS products.

Another key focus area for us in 2020 is strengthening our strategic technology partnerships and the value of our integrated offerings. With the February 2020 release, we are introducing Dynamic Views which gives Qlik Sense users the ability to refresh data within one or more charts in an on-demand fashion. This provides flexibility in how customers manage data and the associated costs, while also enriching our partnership with cloud data platforms like Snowflake.

The value of our end-to-end data and analytics platform is a key part of differentiation, and in 2020 we aim to strengthen the integration between our platforms, creating an unrivaled value proposition for customers.A key step in this process is the introduction of an integrated Qlik Data Catalyst QVD Catalog in Qlik Sense. Qlik Sense users can now browse and select QVD-based data sources from directly within the Qlik Sense user interface.

Also, we are pleased to announce that this release adds over 10 new data visualization features and styling options to Qlik Sense, allowing users to create more advanced and customized analytics. These include trend lines, table trend indicators, new ruling options and more.

We continue to enrich our leadership position in augmented and conversational analytics. We have made several improvements to our visual insight generation capabilities in Qlik Sense, helping to improve the quality and relevance of AI-generated insight suggestions.

The release also includes improvements to several of our value-added products and includes improvements around performance and security. The February 2020 release continues to drive our innovation agenda around accelerating business value through data and analytics and helps get 2020 off to a fast start.

Read more on our Product Innovation Blog and watch the February 2020 Feature Demonstration video on YouTube.


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