The Qlik Sense April 2019 Release

April is an exciting time at Qlik as we build momentum towards Qonnections 2019 and later in the quarter, the global Qlik Analytics Tour. These great events will showcase Qlik Sense April 2019 – which is now available! This release sets us apart from the competition with significant advancements to our multi-cloud capabilities – including a new enterprise SaaS deployment option, as well as innovative advancements to our market leading AI capabilities. This release further supports our position as a leader in the market!

To begin, Qlik Sense April 2019 introduces new Enterprise SaaS deployment capabilities, running on our multi-cloud Kubernetes architecture, giving our enterprise customers more flexibility and choice on where to deploy Qlik Sense. This new capability allows users to consume, create and reload apps fully on Qlik’s hosted SaaS cloud environment. And, ALL deployment options for Qlik Sense Enterprise now work cohesively together as part of our multi-cloud deployment framework, which includes the options to deploy on Qlik Cloud Services (our SaaS environment), on Kubernetes, and on Windows. Together, this creates a unique and compelling proposition for our customers and truly enables the value of ongoing choice based upon a single platform.

In addition to multi cloud enhancements, we released the much-anticipated augmented intelligence capability – Associative Insights. This is a powerful new feature that combines our associative and cognitive engines to suggest hidden insights in your data. Our Associative Engine uniquely identifies the data values that are unrelated to your selections, and our Cognitive engine can now analyze those unrelated values and reveal the most significant insights that might have been overlooked. With associative insights, users are prompted to ask new questions they might not have thought to originally ask, leading to transformative new discoveries.

With this release, we are also including several new QlikView features, making it easier for our QlikView customers to adopt Qlik Sense for dual-use. This includes a new unified licensing capability, which allows organizations to unlock both QlikView and Qlik Sense with a single license key, and integrated links to QlikView apps from select Qlik Sense environments. The integrated links to QlikView apps from Qlik Sense environments provides our customers with a single place for their end users to go to access both QlikView and Qlik Sense apps. These features further our efforts to make it as seamless as possible for organizations using QlikView to add Qlik Sense to take advantage of our latest innovations.

The April 2019 release includes a number of other exciting capabilities, including new visualizations and enhanced mapping capabilities, while we continue to expand our capabilities around mobile analytics with the introduction of Qlik Sense Mobile for BlackBerry.

Read more about this release on Qlik Community, in our Product Innovation Blog!

Our own @jamesafisher guides you through everything new & exciting #QlikSense April 2019! The release contains significant advancements with multi-cloud capabilities & so much more!


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