The Night Data Literacy Saved Christmas

Santa and his elves solve their supply chain challenges with Qlik Sense.

'Twas the night before Christmas and at Santa’s house;

He used Qlik on his tablet, so no need for a mouse.

The reindeer were resting before their big flight;

While Santa determined who they’d visit that night.

But in Santa’s Workshop, the mood wasn’t pleasant;

As the elves weren’t prepared to handle so many presents.

“Tonight’s the big night,” said one elf, “we can’t blow this!”

They knew if they did, that the big man would notice.

And no presents for the children? How inconsiderate!

But then they remembered – they're all data literate!

They could use Qlik Sense Cloud Business to optimize their supply chain;

Much more useful than just a bar graph made of candy canes.

So they gathered all the data from every part of the shop;

Then put it into Qlik Sense, with a drag and a drop.

The data was brimming with stories to be told;

That could now be seen wholly on a Qlik Sense dashboard.

Despite not being data scientists or detectives;

The elves gained new insights from all their perspectives.

With Qlik Sense the elves were now well-equipped;

Adjustments were made, and gifts were ready to be shipped.

Qlik had saved Christmas, without any gimmicks;

Just some average elves and their data analytics.

And Santa exclaimed, as he took off in flight;

“Merry Qlik Sense to all, and to all a good night!

See how Santa uses #Qlik Sense to solve his #supplychain woes


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