The Great Data Revolution Is Here, and Qlik Customers Are at the Heart of It

Data – the amount we create, how we create it, how it is accessed (think both people and Artificial Intelligence/machines), and how we use it to inform, propel and influence everyone and everything is one of the biggest challenges and opportunities we face in our lifetime. And it’s driving enormous change.

While this great data revolution might be more subtle on the surface than say, the Industrial Revolution, there is one key point they have in common: Almost every aspect of daily life is affected by it in some way. From how we operate, what and how we consume, to the decisions we make, the data revolution’s influence on our current and future history might arguably be even more impactful.

To demonstrate why, I want to share the stories of two of our customers who are pioneers in the data revolution. While they are two very different companies, they share a common goal - to put more data in the hands of decision makers across their organizations.

In the new Qlik Active Intelligence magazine, they talk about some of the incredible benefits of adopting a more innovative approach to data and analytics – Active Intelligence. Unlike more traditional, passive approaches to data, here actions are compelled by a state of continuous intelligence that is informed by real-time, up-to-date information.

“Data is the power that determines how bright the signal is in the fog of uncertainty”

This quote comes from Clint Clark, Vice President, Finance Performance Systems and Data, Global Finance at Schneider Electric. He is the man behind the company’s ambition to lead by fortifying and integrating data pipelines to accelerate smart choices.

This approach puts data at the heart of deciding where the company should go next and how to get there. By putting in the hard work to clean, integrate and analyze data for decision-making, it makes acting on those decisions far easier and quicker. As Clark put it, “when you can demonstrate that sort of predictability, and people know you’re going to deliver what you’ve said you’re going to deliver, that builds a lot of trust.”

It’s not always been smooth sailing, and there is one potential pitfall Clark is keen to highlight – humans. More specifically, “the moral hazard of people accepting data when it helps to highlight their point or trying to dismiss data when it does not support their view of the world.” There can’t be a data revolution without bringing the humans that interact with data along for the ride, supported by good education and good data governance.

Continuing on the theme of "good," takes us to iA American Warranty Group and Patrick Straub, Vice President of Business Intelligence, who rolled out new tools and processes to provide greater value to the business from its data.

“Good decisions come from good data”

Creating value from data, believes Straub, lies in the recognition that data quality is crucial to trust, acceptance and widespread use. To deliver on these promises, Straub and his team have worked hard to harmonize data schemes across systems, introduced a robust data governance program and allocated data stewards for key data domains. Their efforts have reduced the time it takes to prepare and access data tenfold. They have also increased business users’ understanding of the value that data and analytics can bring.

From the perspective of Karl Nilsen, a Product Manager for iA American, now “[data] shows me the questions I should be asking.” This is one of the ultimate goals – to enable collaboration between employees but also between people, machines and data to make smarter, faster decisions that contribute to commercial success and people development.

By being strategic in the way they work with data, Schneider Electric and iA American have put themselves right at the forefront of this new wave of data innovation, transformation, and positive upheaval.

If you too are interested in being part of the revolution, head over to our new Qlik Active Intelligence Magazine where Schneider Electric and iA American discuss their journey in more detail with leading business technology commentators Martin Veitch and Tom Davenport.

Change is upon us. It is time to decide what role you want to play in the great data revolution.

Every aspect of our lives has been impacted by the #data revolution. And, with #ActiveIntelligence, data can lead us out of misinformation & misunderstandings to better decisions - for ourselves & our businesses


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