The Evolution of Insight Advisor – Qlik Sense September 2020

With the third generation of BI upon us, analytics solutions are leveraging AI to generate insights, automate tasks, and support new types of interactions. Qlik is consistently recognized as a leader in augmented analytics, and with the September 2020 release, we’ve set the bar even higher.

As most know, Qlik supports interactive analysis with our one-of-a-kind Associative Engine – a game-changing technology that gives people “peripheral vision,” allowing them to freely explore their data without the limited “tunnel vision” offered by SQL/RDBMS query-based tools. We combine this with AI and cognitive technology that broadens insight and simplifies interaction with data, built into our platform at a foundational level. The result is a unique technology advantage – Augmented Intelligence, which provides a full picture of your data, along with powerful, context awareness. And, we can see thousands of our customers have been thrilled and are taking advantage of this.

Drawing from this unique combination, Insight Advisor in Qlik Sense has evolved to become your intelligent assistant that enhances just about everything you do. It auto-generates insights and analyses automates and accelerates creation and data preparation; supports search and natural language interaction; and, delivers the power of data science to everyone. It includes machine learning for more relevant insights, business logic for customization, and leverages the Qlik Associative Engine for context and peripheral vision.

With our latest release, we have added several new features to our Enterprise SaaS offering that take our users to a whole new level with AI. The first is a brand-new, conversational analytics experience – Insight Advisor Chat – built into Qlik Sense and available through the Qlik Sense hub. This gives more people a faster and easier way to ask questions, generate insights and make data-driven decisions using Qlik Sense analytics. We have also added a new business logic layer for customization of insight generation and natural language processing. And, we have introduced on-board advanced analytics calculation to complement our real-time integration capabilities, with K-means clustering. Most of these capabilities will be added to our client-managed offering in the coming months.

Augmented analytics are only as good as their weakest link. If your solution relies only on a single type of user experience, or simply “bolts-on” AI, you lose all power of Augmented Intelligence, which is core to the analytical experience. With search-based analysis, conversational analytics, associative insights, accelerated creation and advanced analytics, Insight Advisor in Qlik Sense delivers the most complete set of augmented analytics capabilities available today – helping all users maximize their potential.

Beyond AI, the September 2020 release brings additional, significant enhancements for both data analytics and data integration. We continue to deliver world-class visualization enhancements, as well as UI improvements for a more consistent and appealing experience. We have increased our SaaS capacities to better support enterprise use cases. And, we have improved our data integration platform with better ETL performance and expanded publishing options for cataloging.

To check out all the features in our September 2020 release, read more on our innovation blog, which includes the latest “What’s New” demo video.

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