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During the product keynote at our recent QlikWorld online event, we unpacked the power of the analytics data pipeline to transform raw data into informed action. Imagine a data pipeline where information flows continuously into everyday processes, allowing your organization to seize every business moment, as it happens... That’s our vision for Active Intelligence, and in the few weeks since the event, we have been busy developing and releasing more exciting capabilities to continue to deliver on this.

Let’s start with our key second quarter releases. How can you shift from passive to active BI with our new SaaS features – and seize more business moments?

  • You can inform decisions on the go with Qlik Sense Mobile, providing fully interactive online and offline analysis, and integrated push alerting
  • You can collaborate with other users right in Qlik Sense with Collaborative Notes, adding human context and discussion threads to magnify collective intelligence
  • You can move beyond the dashboard with Self-Service Reporting, which enables the scheduled email delivery of an exported chart or sheet
  • You can drive real-time action with our Hybrid Data Delivery service, which continuously streams on-premise and cloud data to your Qlik Sense SaaS apps

A key ingredient enabling Active Intelligence is augmented analytics – the use of AI to broaden access to analytics and deliver richer insights in the moment. This past quarter we made a number of enhancements to our AI-driven capabilities, including Insight Advisor Chat improvements such as better narratives in question responses (NLG), a refined UI for question parsing, and more intelligent app selection when responding to questions. We added key driver analysis in responses to better understand the influence of various data inputs. We also introduced a conversational analytics API, allowing developers to build Insight Advisor Chat into their app or chat/bot of choice. And as always, we continued to enhance our UX, expand connectivity and improve our visualization capabilities. Join Qlik Insider for a quarterly update on all our innovations and see a detailed list here.

What’s coming to you this third quarter? During QlikWorld, our showcase around automation and integration leveraging the Qlik Blendr.io solution was one of the big highlights, and we are building on that momentum with the release of new workflow automation and data lineage capabilities. The result: an enhanced analytics data pipeline delivering more accurate trusted data, more connections and more insights.

  • Application Automation will help users visually automate analytics tasks to trigger action in Qlik Sense and other applications based on events such as changing data.
  • Impact Analysis will improve data trust by helping users easily understand the origin and uses of each dataset within their SaaS Data Catalog.

These are just a few of the innovations newly available or coming soon! To stay in the know, be sure to bookmark qlik.com/roadmap to access all of our product innovation and direction resources. And for more information on what’s next, we invite you to register for our next roadmap session.

From the addition of Collaborative Notes to Hybrid Data Delivery, take a look at how we are furthering the transformation of #BI with #ActiveIntelligence

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