Taking Stock of 2020: Our Corporate Responsibility Accomplishments

This year has been a challenging one in multiple ways, but, through it all, we have seen examples of the best in people, science, business and government. At Qlik, we are proud to continue to deliver on the promise of powering organizations working on the front lines of humanitarian and natural disaster relief, global health security, climate initiatives, and advancing goals of diversity and inclusion.

Here are a few of our 2020 highlights, including a call on your data skills to solve our global COVID-19 vaccination challenge. We will continue our work to drive data-driven decision making to build a more sustainable, equitable and healthy world for all people and our planet as we look forward to 2021.

Qlik Annual Impact Report

We published our third annual corporate responsibility impact report, which detailed our commitment to helping to leverage data to combat the effects of climate change and reduce carbon emissions, which includes our latest GRI-approved ratings. As we have in prior years, we will continue to push forward on multiple fronts to address sustainability, but with a renewed and urgent focus on promoting equality and the need to discover innovative ways to combat COVID-19 through data and analytics.

Driving Rapid Response to COVID-19

We worked with Direct Relief to develop a data analysis app, enabling Direct Relief to constantly track the changing dynamics of the pandemic. These dynamics included the rate of growth of cases, the expansion and decline of testing, and the range of health infrastructures being impacted. Having accurate data like this, properly selected and transformed into insightful information, is one of Direct Relief’s best weapons against COVID-19, and is just one way Qlik is helping in the fight.

Qlik and United Nations Debut Carbon Reduction Application

We developed a Qlik Sense app for the United Nations to help better understand and manage global air travel to reduce CO2 emissions and improve air quality through data. It is one in a series of apps we are developing to deliver emissions and performance dashboards. Together, these apps will help any business obtain a clearer and fuller picture of their carbon footprint, enabling organizations to make real-time decisions – powered by data – to mitigate climate change.

Qlik and C40 Cities Datathon

This year, Qlik hosted two Datathons over the past six months. Participants were challenged to develop applications to support the need to combat climate change and rebuild from COVID-19. Winning apps included one which addressed various types of air pollution and another which demonstrated an advanced understanding of the issues surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic affecting our cities. You can also read about the inaugural Qlik and C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group Academic Program Datathon.

Fast Company Recognizes Qlik and C40 Cities

Qlik, together with C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, was selected for Honorable Mention in the AI & Data category by Fast Company for the publication’s 2020 World Changing Ideas Awards. Qlik and C40 Cities earned an Honorable Mention for partnering to develop a series of interactive, data-driven dashboards that help fight climate change on a global scale.

Black Alliance ERG

As a company, we are a leader in data and analytics. But, as a corporate social actor, we are also fully aware of the dedication needed to combat racism. To that end, Qlik formed the Black Alliance ERG, which exists alongside additional ERG groups, and is committed to a mission that fosters an inclusive workplace for Black employees, creates clear paths to opportunity, attracts and retains the best talent, and promotes data literacy and brand awareness.

ADB and Qlik COVID-19 Vaccination Challenge

As part of its work to address COVID-19 within the region, the ADB, together with Qlik.org, recently launched a three-part COVID-19 Vaccine Challenge Series. The COVID-19 Vaccine Challenge Series aims to find several digital solutions that will help ADB’s developing member countries (DMCs) tackle a broad range of challenges as vaccines become available—from vaccine delivery and distribution, to public communication and education, to mobilization and monitoring of healthcare workers and volunteers, as well as safe and efficient administration of COVID-19 vaccines.

We will continue our work and look forward to the year ahead. Thanks to everyone involved in this work for the incredible passion and support to build the world we want. We hope you have a safe and healthy holiday season!

@juliekae provides a recap of major highlights of @Qlik's 2020 #CR accomplishments: our fight against #COVID, support of humanitarian efforts, & help to mitigate #climatechange


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