Take in the Qonnections Keynotes Live

Unable to make it to Dallas? Livestream lets you join our biggest event of the year

We’re less than one week away from Qonnections 2019 – our flagship event where customers and partners will come together to hear the latest from Qlik on our end-to-end data integration platform and continuing innovations in analytics, all in order to lead with data. This year CEO Mike Capone will lead off Tuesday, May 14 discussing our strategic vision and roadmap, showcasing how Qlik is enabling customers to tackle their most difficult challenges with data while we drive the 3rd generation of BI and analytics.

We’re also excited to showcase multiple keynote presentations highlighting how customers are leading their digital transformations with a holistic and unified, strategic approach to data and analytics with Qlik. These customers are empowering users to transform the whole organization, going from raw data to democratized insights using the power of analytics. A special focus will be given to how various unique aspects of Qlik’s portfolio are enabling these transformations, including: multi-cloud, self-service for data, how big data is just data, accelerating insights through augmented intelligence, and the ability to capture insights from any part of the organization.

Similar to last year, we are showcasing select keynotes live from Qonnections so the larger global Qlik ecosystem benefits from hearing all the great details directly from the stage.

The live stream keynotes include:

  • CEO Mike Capone providing an update on our latest innovations and acquisitions, including Attunity, and how Qlik is delivering a true end-to-end platform that empowers Qlik customers and partners to realize the value of data in every part of an organization.
  • CMO Rick Jackson hosts a series of customer interviews and new product demos showing how Qlik is taking data from its raw form and turning it into to actionable insights to support transformational outcomes.

Register here to join us live on Tuesday, May 14th at 9 AM EST.


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