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It might be a little late for a Christmas present, but perhaps Qlik Sense Cloud Businesscould be called a New Year’s gift for small/medium businesses.

Being data-driven and analytically savvy isn’t only reserved for behemoth corporations; every corner store benefits from the ability to see inside their data. From knowing which weekdays are busiest to cutting down reporting time from hours to minutes, intelligently managing data is vital. Now with this general availability for Qlik Sense Cloud Business, Qlik is even more realistic for the mom and pop store to use in addition to the billion dollar retailer.

Qlik is certainly no stranger to SMBs. We know that small business does not correlate with a small need for data analysis, exemplified in the stories of Nature’s Pride or LAGO Furniture. That’s why Qlik Sense Cloud operates on the supercharged QIX engine while still being operational from any device whether it’s a laptop, phone or tablet. For Illes Seasoning and Flavors, having access to real-time dashboards on the go was a necessity for the salesforce in the field. According to Les Howell, Illes’ executive director of IT:

“Finance reports that used to take days are now built and exported with minimum process in minutes. In addition, what used to take several screen searches to find the information needed for our users, now only takes one screen thus reducing research time to only seconds.”

They aren’t the only ones. Here’s what Gray Associates’ CEO, Bob Atkins has to say:

“We’re able to run very sophisticated analytics off a very large database in less than half the time, and that has allowed us to become a leader in helping higher education institutions align their program portfolios with the needs of their student and customer markets.”

From Ben Panzarino, an Affiliate Marketing Manager at Modernize:

“We owe a lot to Qlik’s precise analytics and easy-to-use reporting. These tools are in play throughout all aspects of our business, from framing client expectations to shaping company culture. Qlik helped us blossom from our very humble origins to a $100 million company.”

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Now with Qlik Sense Cloud Business, all the capabilities of the cloud are matched with the new ability to co-author dashboards and apps, turning Qlik Sense Cloud into a collaborative, constantly-updating workplace. It allows you to control which users have access to your shared apps, while also providing additional security measures and governance. As SMB’s are always growing and evolving, so too does Qlik Sense Cloud Business. This model allows the addition of new users and apps as requirements change and scales to support current and future projects.

The ability to make quicker, better-informed decisions is crucial to any company, large or small. As Howell from Illes’ put it, Qlik might just be “the best money ever spent.” Learn more about what Qlik Sense Cloud Business can do for you:


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