Summer's Here and School is in Session

Improve your analytic skills this summer with Qlik Summer School

We’re at the height of British summer time, where the air is warmer, the smell of BBQs lingers in the air and kids start their long Summer Holidays. But for me, as well as the chance to spend some precious moments in the sun with friends and family (which often involves improving my golf skills) - it also gives me a chance to reflect and this is why we’re pleased to announce the return of the Qlik Summer School.

As we come to the end of the first half of the year and the rush of the winter months subsides, the summer is a chance for us to look back on our achievements from the first half, while looking at where we would like to be at the end of the next six months.

This is why the Qlik Summer School is so popular. As we found last year, it’s a perfect way to combine these efforts – and a chance to progress your skills at a point in the year where you’re most likely to have the time to do so.

For the kids, school might be out for the summer, but the Qlik Summer School is a chance for you to focus on your development. Don’t worry, we’re not asking you to sit at a desk in front of a teacher. It is simply a series of webinars that will help you to boost your analytics skills during the summer months. You can take part in the Summer School at any time, whether at home, in the garden, or in the office, all you need is an internet connection. No matter what your level is, the questions you have about analytics or Qlik products, our Summer School will help you answer them – and hopefully put you at the top of the class!

The Qlik Summer School also falls nicely after our recent Qonnections Summit, where we demonstrated how the future of analytics is changing, disclosing our vision on how Qlik’s roadmap will embrace this. During the Summer School, you will have the chance to look at our roadmap in more detail, even using it as a guide on the sessions in the jam-packed schedule we have planned for you. This is broken down into three key visions:

  • Leave data where it is: Learn how value comes from combinations of data, and why we’re moving from Big Data to Big Insights.
  • A true hybrid cloud platform: Find out why we value the ongoing choice between on-premise and cloud, and how we’ll be shifting hybrid cloud from an “or” option to an “and” for the market.
  • From business intelligence to augmented intelligence: Discover the ultimate combination of human reasoning and data science for the best insights.

Lay by the pool and learn new analytic skills with #Qlik Summer School

Each webinar will use these visions to help you progress your training. To ensure your schedule is tailor-made for you, the Summer School is broken down into three different routes, customizable depending on what you would like to learn. Whether this involves:

  • Learning about the new wave of analytics and Qlik’s platform updates
  • Discovering the best practices of data storytelling and data visualization
  • Addressing the Big Data analytics challenges
  • Learning how to make more data-driven decisions
  • Making better location-related decisions with GeoAnalytics
  • Discovering how to data deep-dive

As you can see, there will be sessions to cover each and every one of your data analytics needs. From beginners to experts, the Summer School is a chance for anyone to develop their skills in one of the most prominent areas shaping our future.

Want to get involved? You just need to sign up online here to choose your route and customize your schedule. Hear from experts (myself included on the 17th July), discover invaluable insights and develop your knowledge of data, whenever and wherever suits you. Remember, there’s no stopping you tuning in from your sun lounger, with a nice cold drink in hand…


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