Stepping Into The Impossible

Using data to defy your limitations

“The limits of the possible can only be defined by going beyond them into the impossible.”

-Arthur C. Clarke

This quote rings true in any context, whether it’s at the Olympic Games, a space station or even a small business. It reminds me of a Qlik developer named Manish Kachhia, who was working for an auto parts store. They were looking to increase sales and they were sitting on a lot of data. The problem was, they didn’t know what questions they needed to ask, nor did they know what their data was trying to tell them – a seemingly impossible task – until Manish came across Qlik. Despite having no IT background, Manish took it upon himself to step into the impossible, which was no easy task. But with a positive attitude, determination, and a little help from the wonderful members of Qlik Community, Manish was able to create a sales analysis dashboard and discover the data-driven possibilities. What’s more, Manish became such an avid Qlik user, he is now a Qlik Community MVP!

How someone w/no #BI experience was able to boost auto parts sales w/#Qlik

Stories like these make me proud to represent a company that helps people make the impossible possible through data.

Photo credit: pasa47 via / CC BY


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