“So, How Do We Make This Work?” – Tracking Employee COVID Vaccination and Testing in As Little As 15 Minutes

Data Analytics Applications Support HR’s Shifting Needs in Managing Pandemic Conditions

With COVID-19’s ever-changing conditions – growing infection rates, shifting and new vaccine mandates, variant outbreaks and office closures and re-openings – HR has stepped up and taken on a significant role in helping organizations navigate every employee’s personal and work life needs. COVID-19 accelerated the evolution already underway in HR, with HR growing beyond being a policy and procedure hub into a strategic business partner. That evolution has been driven by data, enabling HR to play a larger, more consultative role within the business.

HR professionals are now facing a new challenge in the United States, where the administration is looking to introduce an emergency authority requiring employers of more than 100 people to track vaccinations or to test their staff weekly. With several hundred employees in the United States, Qlik falls squarely into this category. Thankfully, the answer is satisfyingly simple and can be found in cloud analytics.

Qlik’s Cloud technology allows us to connect quickly and efficiently to our HCM – Workday – enabling us to retrieve the data from employees about their vaccination and testing declarations. When coupled with our associative engine, we can connect Workday information to other data sets from other systems, allowing us instant access to the metrics needed to manage this latest twist in the pandemic plot without missing a beat. From this initial idea, I was able to connect Qlik Sense to Workday and build a dashboard within 15 minutes, as well as set a daily dashboard refresh and share it with the key executive stakeholders. And, by connecting Qlik Sense to Workday directly, I ensured that employee data was stored in a secure, governed app, avoiding any potential confidentiality issues.

HR professionals will continue to be challenged with new and shifting realities – e.g., how do you keep track of employees who have COVID-19 and trace their interactions with other employees? How do you remain compliant with new government restrictions? Our businesses are looking to us to provide answers and plans of action, all while ensuring that we remain competitive and attractive employers who can support their employees. HR can best answer those questions and provide that support by gathering as much data-driven knowledge and insights as possible to make those plans of action optimized to address each issue.

HR needs the right tools; with them, we can be the most important reporting function in any business. By connecting the human data from all the various business systems that most modern enterprises deploy, deeper levels of insights and value can be achieved, including prediction of actions and results from decisions. Today’s HR professional needs to embrace the data-driven paradigm shift, so they have insights at the ready to answer the next executive who asks: “So, how do we make this work?”

To see how we’re making it work, and for a template application that you could use in your business, visit our analytics platform page and see for yourself how Qlik Sense can support your HR function.

#HR is facing increasing challenges in a #COVID19 world; the need to be nimble to comply w/ new mandates & regulations is just one concern among many. @Qlik Sense can help your HR team manage those concerns, helping your business thrive.


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