Show Me the ROI!

New Forrester Consulting Study Reveals the Potential Financial Benefits of Using Qlik Data Integration

There’s a famous scene in the movie “Jerry McGuire” where a cocky sports agent (played by Tom Cruise) is desperately trying to hold on to his clients. He reaches out to an American football player named Rod Tidwell (played by Cuba Gooding Jr.), who says he is willing to keep Jerry as his agent. But, in return, Rod wants Jerry to do something for him. Rod wants Jerry to “show me the money!

Although much more subdued than Rod, many CIOs (I imagine) and other executives are asking the same question when their staff proposes buying new technology solutions. Show me that buying this is worth the investment. Show me how this will help the company improve. In short: Show me the ROI!

Qlik recently set out to do just that. Qlik commissioned Forrester Consulting, part of Forrester Research, to perform a Total Economic Impact™ study to examine the potential ROI that Qlik’s Data Integration solution could provide. Forrester did this by interviewing four Qlik Data Integration customers and then aggregated their benefits and costs to create one hypothetical company. This provides any enterprise with a framework of the potential financial impact that Qlik Data Integration Platform can have on an organization.

The study has lots of detail, including the calculations used to determine the results. Forrester concluded that the Qlik Data Integration platform generated enough benefits for this hypothetical company that the financial payback occurred in less than six months. Over three years, Qlik Data Integration provided a net benefit of $12 million and an ROI of 306%. This included savings related to:

  • Data Management Efficiencies
  • Real-Time Data Integration and Governance
  • Simplified Reporting

Interested in learning more? You can either get a copy of the study or a one-page infographic that summarizes the important points.

#ROI is a perennial concern among execs making tough decisions about which technology to use; read up on @forrester study showcasing potential financial return of @Qlik's #data integration solution


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