Save the Children Moves Real-time Data to Azure Data Lake with Attunity

Save the Children uses Attunity and Azure to get insight into their data in real-time

When the IT Business Solutions Group at Save the Children need to move their data from disparate CRM and ERP systems to Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS), they used Attunity solutions. Now, their data analysts have insight into their data and can run up-to-the-minute reports to help them with their critical business initiatives. Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how.


Save the Children believes every child deserves a future. Since their founding 100 years ago, they’ve changed the lives of more than 1 billion children. In the United States and around the world, they give children a healthy start in life, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. They do whatever it takes for children – every day and in times of crisis – transforming their lives and the future we share.


The IT Business Solutions Group located in Fairfield, CT discovered that the agency had a few problems with the way the collected and distributed data across the agency. They found that it took too long to create and deliver reports Excel reports, data often “lagged” or was out of date, and their current processes were too inflexible. Therefore, they decided to institute a new business intelligence (BI) initiative.

Santha Kumar, Director of Application Architecture and Development, lead the project to move data into a cloud-based data lake so that the data analysts across the agency could use to measure program and financial performance. To do this, the IT team needed to work with real-time data from their CRM and ERP systems rather than a snapshot of the previous day’s data.


Save the Children selected Attunity Replicate as the data integration software to move their data from multiple sources to Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) and to Azure SQL Data Warehouse. Now as employees register new donors or record new donations the changes are immediately reflected in the reporting systems. The data is no longer siloed, and analysts have insights in real-time.


Save the Children’s reporting data is never out of date which allows analysts to run up-to-the-minute reports to measure any aspects of their business. As a result, analysts can immediately react to address the business needs.

With Attunity, we’re able to better integrate data from multiple sources – including our CRM and ERP systems. Working tightly with Microsoft technology, Attunity’s solutions make our data available immediately so that data analysts across Save the Children have access to the freshest data possible for real-time analytics and reporting.”

— Santha Kumar, Director of Application Architecture and Development, Save the Children

What’s next for Save the Children’s IT Group? They now have a new cloud data warehouse and are going to explore how Attunity Compose can make that process more efficient by automating the data warehouse lifecycle. But that’s another story.

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If you are like Save the Children and believe that analytics should be available to anyone across your enterprise, then Microsoft offers some great resources that explain how to embrace a data-driven culture. #SimplyUnmatched

Learn more about how Attunity supports Save the Children on our on-demand webinar

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