Risk Management Teams Are Reaping Benefits From Visual Analytics

Learn more about Moody's Analytics changing the game with assists from Risk.net and Qlik.

From measuring the profitability of new business volume, to optimizing capital by closely managing credit limit utilization & exposure, and even forecasting charge-offs & recoveries of a portfolio using Probability of Default (PD) and Loss Given Default (LGD).

You can imagine that it was no surprise when I learned Qlik customer Moody’s Analytics was awarded “Best Credit Risk Solution Provider” at the 2016 Waters Rankings in New York City leading the marketplace with a product called RiskCalc.

Their comprehensive solution assesses forward looking Expected Losses (EL) of a portfolio using over 30 region and industry-specific models.

It turns out, Moody’s Analytics has done it again with a new product called RiskBench (powered by Qlik Sense) being introduced to the market. By integrating Qlik Sense into RiskBench, Moody’s Analytics solves one of the challenges facing the financial industry – the ability to aggregate large amounts of data on borrowers for peer benchmarking and risk assessment.

Risk management isn't easy, but #Qlik, @moodysanalytics & Risk.net have the remedy

Qlik Sense enables Moody’s Analytics to share visual dashboards illustrating credit benchmarks and risk measurement indicators for deeper evaluation and understanding of the borrowers’ credit worthiness. In addition, RiskBench allows users to slice and dice the aggregated data by many different variables – such as asset size, region, and industry – to provide unrivalled insights to better assess risk profiles.

I couldn’t do the product justice by writing about it myself so I am providing a screen shot of the overview which you can find here:

That is an impressive product and if you would like to see a demo of it in action: please join our webinar being hosted by Risk.Net by following this link.

Looking to learn more about Moody's story and based in APAC? We've got just the webinar for you on October 27, register here!


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